1st Edition

Flow Cytometry
Advanced Research and Clinical Applications, Volume I

ISBN 9780849348341
Published August 31, 1989 by CRC Press
360 Pages

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Book Description

The current technology and its applications in flow cytometry are presented in this comprehensive reference work. Described in explicit detail are the instrumentation and its components, and applications of the technology in cell biology, immunology, pharmacology, genetics, hematology and clinical medicine. Methods for data analysis, including both hardware and software, and explicit experimental techniques for making specific measurements are presented.

Material is divided by topic into two volumes: Volume I covers instrumentation, genetics, and cell structure; Volume II contains material on cell function studies by flow cytometry.

This reference is essential for both the novice and the experienced investigator using flow cytometry in research, and for students of cell biology, biomedical engineering, and medical technology.

Table of Contents

VOLUME I: INSTRUMENTATION. Dual Laser Excitation Flow Cytometry: The State-of-the-Art. Differential Light Scattering Detection in an Arc Lamp-Based Flow Cytometer. GENETICS. Flow Cytometric Analysis of Gene Amplification Analysis of Gene Amplification in Cultured Mammalian Cells. Flow Karyotypes of Human Solid Tumors: Studies of Ewing's Sarcoma, Peripheral Neuroepithelioma, and Meningioma. Chromosome Breakpoint Mapping by Flow Sorting and Spot Blot Hybridization. Chromosome Classification by Slit-Scan Flow Cytometry. Animal Flow Cytogenetics. Isolation, Classification and Flow Cytometric Sorting of Plant Chromosomes. CELL STRUCTURE. The Analysis of Red Cells by Flow Cytometry: Applications in Immunohematology. Monoclonal Antibodies to Myeloid Cells. Flow Cytometric Analysis of Lesions of the Colon. Flow Cytometry Evaluation of Male Germ Cells. Flow Cytometry in the Production of Human T Cell and Other Lymphocyte Hybridomas. Flow Cytometry Analysis of Energy Transducing Organelles: Mitochondria and Chloroplasts. Cell Cycle Expression of Nuclear Proteins. Chromatin of PWM Activated Lymphocytes Undergoes Mitogen Dose-Dependent Changes - Flow Cytometric Nuclear DNA and Protein Measurements. Index.

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