2nd Edition

Fluid Mechanics Measurements

By R. Goldstein Copyright 1996

    This revised edition provides updated fluid mechanics measurement techniques as well as a comprehensive review of flow properties required for research, development, and application. Fluid-mechanics measurements in wind tunnel studies, aeroacoustics, and turbulent mixing layers, the theory of fluid mechanics, the application of the laws of fluid mechanics to measurement techniques, techniques of thermal anemometry, laser velocimetry, volume flow measurement techniques, and fluid mechanics measurement in non-Newtonian fluids, and various other techniques are discussed.

    Contributors Preface Preface to the First Edition 1.What Do We Measure and Why? 2.Physical Laws of Fluid Mechanics and Their Application to Measurement Techniques 3.Thermal Anemometers 4.Laser Velocimetry 5.Volume Flow Measurements 6.Flow Visualization by Direct Injection 7.Optical Systems for Flow Measurement:Shadowgraph Schlieren, and Interferometric Techniques 8.Fluid Mechanics Measurements in Non-Newtonian 9.Measurement of Wall Shear Stress 10.Acquiring and Processing Turbulent Flow Data Index


    R. Goldstein