1st Edition

Fluorescing World of Plant Secreting Cells

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ISBN 9781578085156
Published January 1, 2008 by CRC Press
356 Pages

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Book Description

This book summarizes information on autofluorescence of plant secretory cells as a phenomenon and the possibilities of the practical use of light emission by cell biologists, biophysists, biochemists, botanists and ecologists.

Table of Contents

Autofluorescence of Secretory Cells as a Phenomenon: Secretory Cells; Technique for the Study of Secretory Cell's Autofluorescence; Characteristics of Fluorescing Secretory Cells Autofluorescence of Specialized Secretory Cells: Secretory Cells in Spore-breeding Plants; Secretory Cell of Seed-breeding Plants Fluorescence of Secretions and their Individual Components: Spectral Analysis of Excretions and Extracts from Secretory Structures; Fluorescent Substances of Secretions Autofluorescence of Secretory Cells During their Development: Development of Unicellular Systems; Development of Complex Secretory Structures Fluorescence of Living Cells at Intercellular Contacts: Pollen-pistil Interactions. Contacts at the Fertilization; Interactions at the Allelopathy. Contacts between Cells from Different Plant Species Autofluorescence in Cellular Diagnostics: Express-microanalysis of the State and Accumulation of Secondary Metabolites; Cell Viability and Compatibility; Autofluorescence in Diagnostics of Cellular Damage; Diagnostics of Cellular Processes on the Fluorescing Cellular Models; Fluorescence of Cells as Biosensors Bioindicator Reactions; Cytodiagnostics in Botanical Investigation and Education Individual Components of Secretions as Fluorescence Dyes and Probes: Interactions of Cells with Fluorescent Components of Secretions; Possible Mechanisms of the Emission of the Secretory Products at the Interaction with Living Cells

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