1st Edition

Flute and Shakuhachi

Edited By Jo Kondo, J. Benitez Copyright 1994

    First Published in 1994. In their quest for new sound materials, avant-garde musicians often produce sounds which accidentally bear a strong resemblance to traditional instruments. While conventional Western instruments have taken on a functional role, instruments such as the shakuhachi are still closely associated with their cultural, religious, and historical roots. The colorful and unique shakuhachi has become the most widely known and used Japanese instrument. This collection provides a comprehensive historical overview of the shakuhachi, its technical aspects and its relationship to the flute.

    One Sound, Toru Takemitsu; The Potential of the Shakuhachi in Contemporary Music, Yoshikazu Iwamoto; The Shakuhachi and the Contemporary Instrumentarium - A Personal View, Frank Denyer; An Interview with Yokoyama Katsuya, Yoshihiko Tokumaru; On Writing for the Shakuhachi - A Western Perspective, Tania Cronin; Some Aspects of the Flute in the 20th Century, Pierre-Yves Artaud; The Contemporary Transverse Flute and the Shakuhachi - An Acoustic Analysis of Performance Techniques, Micheele Castellengo and Benotit Fabre; Contemporary Shakuhachi Music by Japanese Composers, Joaquim M. Beniitez and Matsushita Hitoshi.


    Jo Kondoo (Edited by) ,  J. Benitez (Edited by)