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Nordic Animation Balancing the East and the West

Nordic Animation: Balancing the East and the West

1st Edition


By Liisa Vähäkylä
March 15, 2023

Nordic Animation examines the state of the animation industry within the Nordic countries. It looks at the success of popular brands such as the Moomins and Angry Birds, studios such as Anima Vitae and Qvisten, and individuals from the Nordics that have made their mark on the global animation ...

Chinese Animated Film and Ideology, 1940s-1970s Fighting Puppets

Chinese Animated Film and Ideology, 1940s-1970s: Fighting Puppets

1st Edition

By Olga Bobrowska
October 24, 2022

This book examines animated propaganda produced in mainland China from the 1940s to the 1970s. The analyses of four puppet films demonstrate how animation and Maoist doctrine became tightly but dynamically entangled. The book firstly contextualizes the production conditions and ideological ...

Life in Death My Animated Films 1976-2020

Life in Death: My Animated Films 1976-2020

1st Edition

By Dennis Tupicoff
April 21, 2022

Death—the very word is resonant with emotion, imagery, and meaning. It is the ultimate life-event that all living things will eventually experience; as such, it comes as no surprise that death is often a popular theme of literature, art, games, cinema, music, and even animation. Dennis Tupicoff, ...

Mad Eyed Misfits Writings on Indie Animation

Mad Eyed Misfits: Writings on Indie Animation

1st Edition

By Chris Robinson
March 29, 2022

One of the most stylistically original and provocative writers in animation returns with this informal sequel to his previous books on indie animation, Unsung Heroes of Animation and Animators Unearthed. In this collection, award-winning writer Chris Robinson looks at a wide range of films and ...

Wharfie Animator Harry Reade, The Sydney Waterfront, and the Cuban Revolution

Wharfie Animator: Harry Reade, The Sydney Waterfront, and the Cuban Revolution

1st Edition

By Max Bannah
December 17, 2020

This book examines the life of the Australian artist Harry Reade (1927–1998) and his largely overlooked contribution to animation. It constitutes a biography of Reade, tracing his life from his birth to his period of involvement with animation between 1956 and 1969. It explores the forces that ...

A Moving Subject

A Moving Subject

1st Edition

By Giannalberto Bendazzi
November 23, 2020

Description: A Moving Subject offers a collection of essays from around the world. From Italy to the Middle East, from an analysis of A Night on Bald Mountain to African cinema animation, these essays help to paint the world of animation in a comprehensive and international manner. Handpicked by ...

Michael Dudok de Wit A Life in Animation

Michael Dudok de Wit: A Life in Animation

1st Edition

By Andrijana Ruzic
November 16, 2020

This unique survey of the career of Michael Dudok de Wit discusses all of his works and offers a glimpse into his private life. The biography of this European master of 2D animation, born in the Netherlands and based in London, is the first complete overview of the well-defined and canonic opus of ...

Václav Trojan Music Composition in Czech Animated Films

Václav Trojan: Music Composition in Czech Animated Films

1st Edition

By Marco Bellano
August 27, 2019

This book explores the Czech composer Václav Trojan (1907-1983) and his compositions for Jiri Trnka's films, a very influential puppet stop-motion animator. Trnka is regarded as one of the finest outcomes of Czech art in the aftermath of the Second World War and inspiration for contemporary ...

Infinite Animation The Life and Work of Adam Beckett

Infinite Animation: The Life and Work of Adam Beckett

1st Edition

By Pamela Taylor Turner
January 28, 2019

This book examines the life and animated art of the late Adam K. Beckett. Beckett is known for his six award-winning animations, made between the years 1972-1975, that were ground-breaking at the time and that continue to influence artists today. He is also recognized for his contributions to the ...

Puppetry, Puppet Animation and the Digital Age

Puppetry, Puppet Animation and the Digital Age

1st Edition

By Rolf Giesen
October 18, 2018

Rolf Giesen’s Puppetry, Puppet Animation and the Digital Age explores the unique world of puppetry animation and its application in the digital age. With the advent of digital animation, many individuals see puppetry and 2D animation as being regulated to a niche market. Giesen’s text argues ...

Redesigning Animation United Productions of America

Redesigning Animation: United Productions of America

1st Edition

By Cinzia Bottini
August 14, 2018

The animation studio United Productions of America (UPA) was able to challenge Disney supremacy in the 1950s entertainment market by creating cutting-edge animated cartoons. UPA films express a simplified audiovisual language consisting of stylized layout designs, asymmetrical compositions, colors ...

Floating Worlds A Short History of Japanese Animation

Floating Worlds: A Short History of Japanese Animation

1st Edition

By Maria Roberta Novielli
January 31, 2018

Through the analysis of the work of the main Japanese animators starting from the pioneers of 1917, the book will overview the whole history of Japanese animated film, including the latest tendencies and the experimental movies. In addition to some of the most acclaimed directors Miyazaki Hayao, ...

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