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Focus on Jung, Politics and Culture

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The Jung, Politics and Culture series showcases the ‘political turn’ in Jungian and Post-Jungian psychology. Established and emerging authors offer unique perspectives and new insights as they explore the connections between Jungian psychology and key topics - including national and international politics, gender, race and human rights.

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Torture Survivors in Analytic Therapy Jung, Politics, Culture

Torture Survivors in Analytic Therapy: Jung, Politics, Culture

1st Edition

By Monica Luci
March 15, 2022

This important new book introduces and discusses the underpinning of psychodynamic psychotherapy for torture survivors in a clinical setting and incorporates concepts from analytical psychology and other theoretical bases in order to provide readers with a deeper understanding of this complex ...

Racial Legacies Jung, Politics and Culture

Racial Legacies: Jung, Politics and Culture

1st Edition

By Fanny Brewster, Helen Morgan
January 10, 2022

This essential new book presents a discussion of racial relations, Jungian psychology and politics as a dialogue between two Jungian analysts of different nationalities and ethnicities, providing insight into a previously unexplored area of Jungian psychology. Racial Legacies explores themes and ...

From Vision to Folly in the American Soul Jung, Politics and Culture

From Vision to Folly in the American Soul: Jung, Politics and Culture

1st Edition

By Thomas Singer
December 13, 2021

In From Vision to Folly in the American Soul Thomas Singer collates his investigations into soul both in its personal and collective manifestations. With selected essays from twenty years of writing about American politics in the context of contemporary cultural trends, the book as a whole ...

Vision, Reality and Complex Jung, Politics and Culture

Vision, Reality and Complex: Jung, Politics and Culture

1st Edition

By Thomas Singer
December 13, 2021

Vision, Reality and Complex brings together a rich selection of Thomas Singer’s scholarship on the development of the cultural complex theory and explores the relationship between vision, reality, and illusion in politics and psyche. The chapters in this book discuss the basic principles of the ...

Anti-Semitism and Analytical Psychology Jung, Politics and Culture

Anti-Semitism and Analytical Psychology: Jung, Politics and Culture

1st Edition

By Daniel Burston
May 10, 2021

Carl Jung angrily rejected the charge that he was an anti-Semite, yet controversies concerning his attitudes towards Jews, Zionism and the Nazi movement continue to this day. This book explores Jung’s ambivalent relationship to Judaism in light of his career-changing relationship and rupture with ...

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