1st Edition

Focused Clinical Assessment in 10 Minutes for MRCGP Featuring Data-Gathering, Clinical Management and Communication Skills

By Israr Ahmad Khan Copyright 2013

    Part of the Masterpass series, Focused clinical Assessment in 10 Minutes for MRCGP is the definitive study guide for GP trainees at any stage of their specialist training, in particular, those preparing for the CSA. This comprehensive yet straightforward book provides a unique structure for the focused clinical assessment and a new approach to the management of everyday problems encountered in general practice, in 10 minutes. It bridges the gap between consultation theory and the real world; combining language, motivation, knowledge and empathy, enabling GP trainees to gather information, organise their thoughts, pinpoint a diagnosis and communicate this to both patient and examiner.

    Foreword. Preface. About the author. Acknowledgements. List of abbreviations. Introduction. About the MRCGP. Overview of the CSA. Data-gathering, technical and assessment skills History-taking Performing a physical examination. Interpreting results of investigations provided Clinical management skill. Diagnosis. Management. Communication and interpersonal skills Non-verbal communication skills. Verbal communication skills. A systematic template for structuring a consultation in 10 minutes Introduction. Open consultation: presenting complaint (PC) History of presenting complaint (HPC). Red flags. Patient health beliefs, understanding and preferences: ideas, concerns and expectations (ICE). Past medical history (PMH)/Past surgical history/Previous hospital admissions. Drug history (DH) and allergies. Family history (FH). Psychosocial history (PSH). Physical examination. Results of Investigations. Clinical management: diagnosis and management. Summarise. Safety-net. Follow-up. Further information. Take responsibility for any gaps in understanding shown by the patient. Deal with any extras issues. Close consultation. Difficult/Challenging consultations. Managing a patient demanding antibiotics for a self-limiting viral illness. Managing a patient demanding an X-ray clinically not indicated. Breaking bad news: a structured approach. Ethical dilemma: conflicts of interest regarding driving and epilepsy. Risk Assessment. Assessment of a psychotic patient. Counselling for smoking cessation. 'I want a PSA test': appropriate counselling. Explaining a procedure/investigation: a basic structure. References. Index.


    Israr Khan General Practitioner, Walsall, UK