Folate in Health and Disease  book cover
2nd Edition

Folate in Health and Disease

Edited By

Lynn B. Bailey

ISBN 9781138111882
Published June 13, 2017 by CRC Press
602 Pages 50 B/W Illustrations

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Book Description

During the fifteen years since the bestselling first edition of Folate in Health and Disease was published, there have been thousands of new research studies related to folate and its role in health and disease. The second edition of the book uniquely bridges the gap between basic science and public health/clinical medicine.

Presents Groundbreaking Findings on Folate’s Role in Health
New insights related to folate chemistry, bioavailability, kinetics, metabolism, nutrient-gene, and nutrient-nutrient interaction are coupled with a public health/clinical medicine perspective of research findings targeted to birth defects, vascular and neurological diseases, and cancer. Epidemiological evidence is interpreted in tandem with new findings related to folate’s mechanistic role in health maintenance and disease/birth defect prevention. Global recommendations for folate intake and a synopsis of folic acid fortification programs are featured. Folate acid intake and status in the U.S. are described in relation to the impact of fortification. A comprehensive critique of analytical techniques for folate analysis provides a valuable resource for future investigations as well as an interpretation of existing studies.

Contributions from 50+ International Experts

This authoritative text covers:

  • Folate-related genetic polymorphisms and birth defect risk
  • Folic acid fortification programs and effects on NTDs
  • Vitamin B12 and choline interactions with folate
  • Alcohol’s influence on folate status and methionine metabolism
  • Clinical folate deficiency and assessment
  • Folate intake recommendations globally; consumption and status in the U.S.

Assembling more than 50 international experts working on the front lines of folate research, this standard-setting reference brings you up to speed on the explosion of information garnered from a wealth of new developments. It continues to be a must-have resource for investigators in both basic and applied research and scientists and nutritionists in academia, clinical medicine, and public health.

Table of Contents

Folate Chemistry and Metabolism, Barry Shane

Folate Bioavailability, Helene McNulty and Kristina Pentieva

Folate Biochemical Pathways and Their Regulation, Patrick J. Stover

Genetic Variation: Effect on Folate Metabolism and Health, Karen E. Christensen and Rima Rozen

Folate in Pregnancy and Lactation, Tsunenobu Tamura, Mary Frances Picciano, and Michelle Kay McGuire

Folate Status and Birth Defect Risk: Epidemiological Perspective, Charlotte A. Hobbs, Gary M. Shaw, Martha M. Werler, and Bridget Mosley

Folate-Related Birth Defects: Embryonic Consequences of Abnormal Folate Transport and Metabolism, Deeann Wallis, Johnathan L. Ballard, Gary M. Shaw, Edward J. Lammer, and Richard H. Finnell

Folic Acid Fortification: Neural Tube Defect Risk Reduction—A Global Perspective, Robert J. Berry, Joseph Mulinare, and Heather C. Hamner

Folate and Cancer: Epidemiological Perspective, Jia Chen, Xinran Xu, Amy Liu, and Cornelia M. Ulrich

Folate and Carcinogenesis: Basic Mechanisms, Eric Ciappio and Joel B. Mason

Folate and Vascular Disease: Epidemiological Perspective, Sari R. Kalin and Eric B. Rimm

Folate and Vascular Disease: Basic Mechanisms, Luciana Hannibal, Alla V. Glushchenko, and Donald W. Jacobsen

Folate and Neurological Function: Epidemiological Perspective, Martha Savaria Morris and Paul F. Jacques

Folate and Neurological Disease: Basic Mechanisms, Teodoro Bottiglieri and Edward Reynolds

Folate–Vitamin B12 Interrelationships: Links to Disease Risk, Anne M. Molloy

Clinical Folate Deficiency, Sally P. Stabler

Influence of Alcohol on Folate Status and Methionine Metabolism in Relation to Alcoholic Liver Disease, Charles H. Halsted, Valentina Medici, and Farah Esfandiari

Folate and Choline Inter-relationships: Metabolic and Potential Health Implications, Marie A. Caudill

Folate: Recommended Intakes, Consumption, and Status, Gail P. A. Kauwell, Megan L. Diaz, Quanhe Yang, and Lynn B. Bailey

Kinetics of Folate and One-Carbon Metabolism, Jesse F. Gregory III, Vanessa R. da Silva, and Yvonne Lamers

Folate Analytical Methodology, Christine M. Pfeiffer, Zia Fazili, and Mindy Zhang


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Lynn B. Bailey, PhD, is a professor in the Food Science and Human Nutrition Department at the University of Florida in Gainesville. Her research focus is the estimation of folate requirements involving metabolic studies conducted with human subjects of all ages, including pregnant women and the elderly population. Evaluation of the impact of genetic variants on folate requirements and biomarkers for disease and birth defect risk is also a key research emphasis. Dr. Bailey has served as a member of the Institute of Medicine’s Dietary Reference Intake committee for folate, vitamin 12, and other B vitamins, and was a member of the Food and Drug Administration’s Folic Acid Advisory Committee. She has served as a scientific advisor for the Centers for Disease Control and Birth Defect Prevention, as well as for other organizations, including the March of Dimes and the Pan American Health Organization, on projects focused on neural tube defect prevention in the United States and developing countries.

Dr. Bailey has received numerous awards, including the USDA Superior Achievement Award; the March of Dimes’ Agnes Higgins Award, Maternal-Fetal Nutrition; the American Society for Nutrition’s Centrum Science Award for influence on current scientific knowledge of folate status and requirements of humans; and the University of Florida’s Teacher Scholar of the Year award.