Food Biotechnology Series

Series Editors:

The Food Biotechnology Series will bring out from world leading scientists in the field the state of the art advances and innovations in this rapidly growing field that now requires more integrated and systems based thinking for knowledge building and innovations. In systems thinking while individual components of food systems or food processing system is important but the overall functioning, resilience and robustness of the evolved whole system made from individual components shape the system functioning, viability and quality. This approach to this Food Biotechnology series will capture the range of molecular and metabolic based innovations that define the functioning and interplay of food systems for value added food technology advances to meet global food security challenges and needs. The series will focus on processing and quality (including production, nutrition, safety and health relevant ingredients) of various food substrates using biological approaches with emphasis on cellular, metabolic and molecular tools. This will be closely coupled to biological, metabolic and molecular interactions of microbial systems for improved quality and processing as well as safety.