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Foreign Aid and Foreign Policy Lessons for the Next Half-century

    ISBN 9780765620446
    432 Pages
    Published January 15, 2008 by Routledge

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    Published November 15, 2007 by Routledge

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    This timely work presents cutting-edge analysis of the problems of U.S. foreign assistance programs - why these problems have not been solved in the past, and how they might be solved in the future. The book focuses primarily on U.S. foreign assistance and foreign policy as they apply to nation building, governance, and democratization. The expert contributors examine issues currently in play, and also trace the history and evolution of many of these problems over the years. They address policy concerns as well as management and organizational factors as they affect programs and policies. "Foreign Aid and Foreign Policy" includes several chapter-length case studies (on Iraq, Pakistan, Ghana, Haiti, and various countries in Eastern Europe and Africa), but the bulk of the book presents broad coverage of general topics such as foreign aid and security, NGOs and foreign aid, capacity building, and building democracy abroad. Each chapter offers recommendations on how to improve the U.S. system of aid in the context of foreign policy.

    Preface; 1. Foreign Aid Priorities: Goals for the Twenty-first Century, Louis A. Picard and Robert Groelsema; Part 1. Foreign Aid and Foreign Policy Debates; 2. Foreign Aid and Security: A Renewed Debate? Lawrence Korb; 3. Foreign Aid in the Twenty-first Century: What Purposes? Carol Lancaster; 4. Foreign Aid in the National Interest: The Importance of Democracy and Governance, Larry Diamond; 5. Foreign Aid in Comparative Perspective: Regime Dynamics and Donor Interests, Steven W. Hook; Part 2. Case Studies in Foreign Aid; 6. Building Local Governance in Iraq: Limits and Lessons, Derick W. Brinkerhoff; 7. Foreign Aid and South Asia: The Case of Pakistan, Robert LaPorte, Jr.; 8. Donors, Public Sector Reform and Decentralization: Democracy and Civil Society in Ghana, Louis A. Picard, Robert Groelsema, and Ted Lawrence; 9. Why Aid to Haiti Failed - and How to Do It Better Next Time, Terry F. Buss and Adam Gardner; 10. USAID and Eastern Europe: Something Old, Something New, Kevin F.F. Quigley; 11. Post-Millennium U.S. Foreign Aid for Africa: Reconciling Freedom and Security, Theirs and Ours, John W. Harbeson; Part 3. Organizational Dynamics and Foreign Aid Policy; 12. Transformational Trends in Aid Government and Democracy, W. Haven North and Jeanne Foote North; 13. Higher Education, Capacity Building, and Foreign Aid: Lessons Learned, Ralph Smuckler and Louis A. Picard; 14. NGOs in the Foreign Aid System, Paul Nelson; 15. The Millennium Challenge Account: An Early Appraisal, Terry F. Buss and Adam Gardner; 16. Deepening Local Democratic Governance: Connecting the Dots in Sub-Saharan Africa, John W. Harbeson; Part 4. International Assistance and Development; 17. Diasporas and Development: What Role for Foreign Aid? Jennifer M. Brinkerhoff; 18. Remittances, Foreign Aid, and Developing Countries, Jose Uribe and Terry F. Bu; 19. Aid and Development: A Conceptual Perspective from Development Economics, Siddharth Chandra; 20. Mainstreaming of Democracy and Governance in Foreign Assistance, Jennifer Windsor; About the Editors and Contributors; Index.


    Louis A Picard (University of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA) (Author) ,  Robert Groelsema (Edited by) ,  Terry F Buss (Suffolk University, Boston National Academy of Public Administration).

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