1st Edition

Foreign Direct Investment in Emerging Economies Corporate Strategy and Investment Behaviour in the Caribbean

By Lou Anne A. Barclay Copyright 2000

    The Caribbean countries of Jamaica, Barbados and Trinidad-Tobago represent excellent examples of the increasingly important role played by Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in less developed, micro-economies. The increased dependence of these countries on FDI, however, calls into question the attractiveness of the business environment of the region to the foreign investor.
    This volume examines both the investment behaviour and corporate strategies operating in these three countries, and assesses the factors which influence the motivations, location choices and market entry mode of multinationals making investments in the Caribbean.

    1. Introduction 2. The Caribbean host countries: an introduction 3. The motivations for Foreign Direct Investment 4. The location of Foreign Direct Investment 5. The modes of Foreign Direct Investment 6. Hypotheses and methodology 7. Foreign Direct Investment in the Caribbean: a quantitative investigation 8. Foreign Direct Investment in Jamaica: a case-study of the Apparel Industry 9. Foreign Direct Investment in Barbados: a case-study of the information services industry 10. Foreign Direct Investment in Trinidad-Tobago: a case-study of the Natural Gas Sector 11. Foreign Direct Investment in the Carbbean: a cross-industry case analysis 12. The future of foreign investment in the Commonwealth Caribbean: conclusions and recommendations


    Lou Anne A. Barclay