2nd Edition

Forensic Psychology Concepts, Debates and Practice

Edited By Joanna Adler, Jacqueline Gray Copyright 2010
    608 Pages
    by Willan

    608 Pages
    by Willan

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    This book brings together academics, practitioners and experts in the field of forensic psychology to demonstrate the scope of the discipline and push its parameters. Its aim is to go beyond introductory texts to challenge perceptions, to raise questions for research and to pose problems for practice. The editors hope to inspire and stimulate debate about how forensic psychology can aid the practice of justice.

    The book is divided into six sections, addressing key topics from the discipline: investigation and prosecution; testimony and evidence; serious and persistent offending; treatment as intervention; intervention and prevention and punishment and corrections. The contributors are drawn from the UK, the USA and Australia.

    This updated, revised and significantly expanded edition develops the picture of diversity and depth of forensic psychology; considers ways in which the discipline has progressed and identifies challenges for its future sustainability and growth.

    • includes a new section on treatment as intervention with contributions on personality disordered offenders; anger control group work with forensic psychiatric inpatients; and developments in treatment for drug misuse offenders
    • additional chapters throughout including contributions on UK police interviews; the investigation and prosecutoin of rape; the effect of gender in the courtroom; forensic psychology and terrorism; the aetiology of genocide; self harm in prisons; post-corrections reintegration and many more
    • an innovative textbook on forensic psychology exploring application of the subject and setting forensic psychology in a broader context
    • demonstrates ways in which forensic psychology can aid the practice of criminal justice

    This book will be essential reading for students of forensic psychology and practitioners working in the field.

    Introduction, 1. Forensic Psychology: Some Concepts and Debates about Practice, Joanna R. Adler and Jacqueline M. Gray, Part 1: Investigation and Prosecution  2. Miscarriages of Justice: What can we learn?, Rebecca Milne, Sam Poyser, Tom Williamson and Stephen P. Savage  3. The Interpretation and Utilisation of Offender Profiles: A Critical Review of 'Traditional' Approaches to Profiling, Laurence Alison, Emma Barrett and Louise Almond  4. UK Police Interviews with Suspects: A Short Modern History, John Bearchell  5. The Investigation and Prosecution of Rape, Jacqueline M. Gray and Anna Gekoski Part 2: Testimony and Evidence  6. The Effect of Gender in the Courtroom, Blake M. McKimmie and Barbara M. Masser  7. 'Without fear of favour, prejudice or ill will': Magistrates' Sentencing Decisions, Pamela Ormerod and Joanna R. Adler  8. Eliciting Evidence from Eyewitnesses for Court Proceedings, Mark R. Kebbell and Elizabeth A. Gilchrist  9. The Aging Eyewitness, Rachel Wilcock  10. Safeguarding Vulnerable and Intimidated Witnesses at Court: Are the 'Special Measures' Working?, Graham M. Davies  Part 3: Serious and Persistent Offending  11. Life-Course Persistent Offending, Alex R. Piquero and Terrie E. Moffitt 12. Stalking, Lorraine Sheridan and Graham M. Davies  13. Forensic Psychology and Terrorism, Margaret A. Wilson and Lucy Lemanski  14. Aetiology of Genocide, Agnieszka Golec de Zavala and Joanna R. Adler  Part 4: Treatment as Intervention 15. Treatment of Offenders Classified as Having Dangerous and Severe Personality Disorder, Alex Lord  16. Anger Control Groupwork with Forensic Psychiatric Inpatients: Theories and Practical Applications, Lara Arsuffi 17. Developments in Treatment for Drug Misuse Offenders, Nicholas LeBoutillier and Beverly Love Part 5: Intervention and Prevention  18. Intimate Partner Violence: Current Issues in Definition and Interventions with Perpetrators in the UK, Elizabeth A. Gilchrist and Mark R. Kebbell  19. Effective Programmes to Prevent Delinquency, Brandon C. Walsh and David P. Farrington  20. Parenting Projects, Justice and Welfare, Anthony H. Goodman and Joanna R. Adler  21. The Challenge of Managing Prejudice and Hate in Offending Behaviours, Liz A. Dixon and Joanna R. Adler  Part 6: Punishment and Corrections  22. What Role does Punishment Play in Deterring Crime? Practical, theoretical and ethical perspectives, Sarah Marsden  23. Women in Prison, Nancy Loucks  24. Self-Harm in Prisons: Dominant models and (mis)understandings, Lisa Marzano  25. Post-Corrections Reintegration: Prisoner Resettlement and Desistance from Crime, Ros Burnett  26. Psychology in the UK National Offender Management Service: Prisons and Probation, Graham Towl Concluding Remarks


    Joanna R Adler is Principal Lecturer in Forensic Psychology and Director of Forensic Psychological Services at Middlesex University. Jacqueline M. Gray is Senior Lecturer at Middlesex University.