1st Edition

Forest-Based Biomass Energy Concepts and Applications

By Frank R. Spellman Copyright 2012
    516 Pages 46 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    516 Pages 46 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    What is forest-based biomass energy and why should we care? Written by environmental expert Frank Spellman, Forest-Based Biomass Energy: Concepts and Applications details how forest biomass can be converted to energy and energy products, including direct combustion, pellets, gasification, and co-firing. It explores the possibilities of forest-based biomass energy for producing a reliable energy renewable energy source that will not destroy or pollute our fragile environment.

    Carefully avoiding the influence of media hype and political ideology, Spellman points out that every problem has a solution, we simply need to find sources and develop them. He delineates common-sense approaches and practical, sometimes poetic, examples. And he does all this while adhering to scientific principles, models, and observations. However, you need not be a scientist to understand the principles and concepts. Spellman goes easy on the hard math and science and presents the material in a user-friendly manner, weaving real-life situations throughout the fabric of the text.


    • Offers complete coverage of forest biomass, rather than simply touching on one source
    • Includes several basic and practical mathematical operations illustrated with example problems and explained solutions
    • Examines numerous types of tree stocks
    • Contains information on silviculture
    • Addresses growing transportation energy needs and limited petroleum resources
    • Offers information on the benefits of Agroforestry

    This is not merely an answer book; it is designed to stimulate thought and new ideas. Although the author answers specific renewable energy and forest-derived feedstock questions, he also points out the disadvantages that need to be overcome to make forest-based renewable energy a viable alternative to fossil fuels. He provides a framework of principles you can use to understand the complexity of the situation of substituting a renewable energy source, such as forest-based biomass, for fossil fuels.

    The Basics

    Basic Math Operations
    Units of Measurement and Conversions
    Forest-Based Biomass: Heat Energy, Weight Considerations, and Estimations
    Forest Biomass Sampling
    Timber Scaling and Log Rules

    Forest-Based Biomass

    Biomass: Plant Basics
    Forest-Based Biomass Feedstock
    Biomass Conversion/Power Generation Technologies
    Forest Biomass Removal: Environmental Impact

    Appendix: Answers to Chapter Review Questions


    Frank Spellman