1st Edition

Forests for Whom and for What?

By Marion Clawson Copyright 2011

    Clawson is concerned here not so much with what forest policy should be, but more with the criteria by which it should be determined. He lists such questions as how much land to devote to forests, how much timber to harvest and the best means of harvesting it, and the compatibility or incompatibility of forest uses as the issues to be dealt with in formulating forest policy. Originally published in 1975

    Chapter 1 Why Concern Ourselves with Forest Policy?; Chapter 2 Pressing Issues of Forest Policy; Chapter 3 A Framework of Analysis for Forest Policy; Chapter 4 Forest Characteristics and Forest Uses; Chapter 5 Variability Among Forests; Chapter 6 Physical and Biological Feasibility and Consequences; Chapter 7 Economic Efficiency in Forestry; Chapter 8 Who Gains and Who Pays?; Chapter 9 Social or Cultural Acceptability of Forest Uses; Chapter 10 Operational or Administrative Practicality of Forest Policy; Chapter 11 Forest Policy Formation in the United States; Chapter 12 One Man's Conclusions on Forest Policy Issues;


    Marion Clawson

    'Professional foresters and other natural resource specialists will find this book to be a valuable reference... The student will find [it] to be interesting, understandable, and challenging. Professors will find that the text provides numerous forest policy examples for discussion.' Journal of Environmental Quality