1st Edition

Formulas for Dynamic Analysis

By Ronald L. Huston, C Q Liu Copyright 2001

    "Explains and summarizes the fundamental derivations, basic and advanced concepts, and equations central to the field of dynamics. Chapters stand as self-study guides-containing tables, summaries of relevant equations, cross references, and illustrative examples. Utilizes Kane's equations and associated methods for the study of large and complex multibody systems."

    Vector analysis; kinematics of particles; particle kinetics; particle dynamics; kinematics of bodies; additional topics/formulas in kinematics of bodies; mass distribution and inertia; rigid body kinetics; rigid body dynamics; rigid problems/systems; multibody systems; multibody kinematics; multibody kinematics and dynamics.


    Ronald Huston, C Q Liu

    ". . .provides a comprehensive view of the subject, starting from the very basics. . .. . . .recommended to the practicing engineer and to the mature graduate student."
    ---Applied Mechanics Review