416 Pages
    by CRC Press

    418 Pages
    by CRC Press

    This is the second edition of the first introductory textbook written for the FORTRAN 90 standard. It remains suitable for the novice scientific programmer, drawing on a larger number of examples and exercises in this new edition.

    Preface, 1 What is Fortran 95?, 2 Getting started, 3 Types of data, 4 Introducing arrays, 5 Intrinsic procedures, 6 Execution control, 7 Introducing external procedures, 8 More about data; the type declaration statement, 9 Arrays and data manipulation, 10 Modules, 11 More about procedures, 12 Advanced array features and derived types, 13 Pointers, 13.1 Simple pointers, 14 Overview, 15 High Performance Fortran, Appendix A Input and output, Appendix B Bits, Appendix C ISO_VARYING_STRINGS, Appendix D Fortran 95’s new features: summary, Appendix E Fortran 95 statements, Appendix F Fortran 95 intrinsic procedures, Appendix G Answers to selected exercises, Index


    M. Counihan