273 Pages 81 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    Many approaches have been undertaken to mitigate global climate change, including the movement away from fossil fuels. Fossil Free Fuels: Trends in Renewable Energy examines several key topics, such as the utilization of biofuels as a sustainable renewable resource, recycling and untapped waste-to-energy products, and other carbon-neutral strategies in various industries, such as the transportation, construction, and manufacturing sectors. It provides recent updates on the latest technologies, modeling, design, and technical aspects, as well as several practical case studies. The current world energy scenario is examined and various solutions to larger environmental problems are outlined in terms of the shift to more alternative energy sources.


    • Minimizes technical jargon in a straightforward style for a wider audience
    • Discusses sustainable options for different industries, such as the use of green materials in the construction sector, biofuels for transportation, and many more
    • Includes numerous illustrations, tables, and figures to aid in understanding

    This book serves as a practical reference for engineers, researchers, environmental consultants working in renewable energy industries, and students.

    1. Next Generation of Agro-Industrial Lignocellulosic Residues to Eco-Friendly Biobutanol

    [Nurhamieza Md. Huzir, Md. Maniruzzaman A. Aziz, Shahrul Ismail, Bawadi Abdullah, Nik Azmi Nik Mahmood, Noor Azrimi Umor, and Syed Anuar Faua’ad Syed Muhammad]

    2. Carbon Neutral Strategies to Reduce CO2 Emissions and Mitigate Climate Change

    [Farahiyah Abdul Rahman and Md. Maniruzzaman A. Aziz]

    3. Greenhouse Gases Solutions in Roads and Transportation

    [Thanwa Filza Nashruddin and Md. Maniruzzaman A. Aziz]

    4. Recent Clean Hydrogen Production Technologies

    [Bawadi Abdullah and Ali Awad]

    5. Eco-Friendly Sustainable Stabilization of Dredged Soft Clay Using Low-Carbone Recycled Additives

    [Mohammed Ali Mohammed Al-Bared, Aminaton Marto, and Indra Sati Hamonangan Harahap]

    6. Acceptable Zone for Green Construction of Compacted Tropical Laterite Soil

    [Yamusa Bello Yamusa, Kamarudin Ahmad, and George Moses]

    7. Green Economy and Sustainable Development

    [Yusuf Babangida Attahiru, Md. Maniruzzaman A. Aziz, Khairul Anuar Kassim, and Wan Azelee Wan Abu Bakar]

    8. Toward Sustainable Landfill Siting: A Case Study for Johor Bahru, Malaysia

    [Habiba Ibrahim Mohammed, Zulkepli Majid, and Yamusa Bello Yamusa]

    9. Solution of Global Elevated Carbon Dioxide Emission—A Comprehensive Technique and Methodology for Quantification

    [Md. Maniruzzaman A. Aziz, Khairul Anuar Kassim, Wan Azelee Wan Abu Bakar, Nurul Hidayah Muslim, Azman Mohamed, and M. Ehsan Jorat]

    10. Traffic Pollution: Perspective Overview toward Carbon Dioxide Capture and Separation Method

    [Md. Maniruzzaman A. Aziz, Khairul Anuar Kassim, Wan Azelee Wan Abu Bakar, Fauzan Mohd Jakarmi, A. B. M. Amimul Ahsan, Salmiah Jamal Mat Rosid, and Susilawati Toemen]

    11. Algal Biofuel: A Promising Alternative for Fossil Fuel

    [Hoofar Shokravi, Zahra Shokravi, Md. Maniruzzaman A. Aziz, and Hooman Shokravi]

    12. The Fourth-Generation Biofuel: A Systematic Review on Nearly Two Decades of Research from 2008 to 2019

    [Zahra Shokravi, Hoofar Shokravi, Md. Maniruzzaman A. Aziz, and Hooman Shokravi]


    Maniruzzaman Bin A. Aziz, KHAIRUL ANUAR KASSIM, WAN AZELEE WAN ABU BAKAR, AMINATON MARTO, Syed Anuar Faua ad Syed Muhammad