1st Edition

Fostering Creativity in Gifted Students The Practical Strategies Series in Gifted Education

    54 Pages
    by Prufrock Press

    It is not possible to teach someone to be creative. It is not possible to teach someone to be intelligent. It is, however, possible to teach students to use the creativity and intelligence they already have. Students can be taught to think more creatively or intelligently, and can also learn strategies for thinking more rationally or imaginatively.

    Encouraging creative thinking in the classroom is an exciting component of any effective gifted education program. This guide offers basic foundations required for supporting creativity. From establishing the right classroom environment, to using creative teaching strategies, to assessing student outcomes, this book is filled with practical information. The book also includes a listing of competitive contests and programs and an extensive list of resources.

    This is one of the books in Prufrock Press' popular Practical Strategies Series in Gifted Education. This series offers a unique collection of tightly focused books that provide a concise, practical introduction to important topics concerning the education of gifted children. The guides offer a perfect beginner's introduction to key information about gifted and talented education.

    Series Preface Introduction and Assumptions Environment Person Process Products Competitive Programs Summary and Conclusions Resources Books Environment Web Sites Humor Web Sites Thinking Skills Web Sites Competitions Web Sites References


    Bonnie Cramond, Ph.D., is an associate professor of gifted and creative education in the Department of Educational Psychology and Instructional Technology at the University of Georgia. She also directs The Torrance Center for Creativity and Talent Development, is a member of the board of directors of the National Association for Gifted Children (NAGC), and is on the NAGC President's Education Commission. She was the editor of the Journal of Secondary Gifted Education (now the Journal of Advanced Academics), is on the editorial advisory board for the Journal of Creative Behavior, and reviews several other journals. Currently, she teaches graduate-level courses in giftedness and creativity and directs activities at the Torrance Center. Her research interests are in creativity assessment and the nuturance of creative abilities.

    Frances A. Karnes is professor of curriculum, instruction, and special education at The University of Southern Mississippi. She is widely known for her teaching, research, publications, innovative program developments, and service activities in gifted education and leadership training.