1st Edition

Foucault, Sexuality, Antiquity

Edited By Sandra Boehringer, Daniele Lorenzini Copyright 2022
    156 Pages
    by Routledge

    156 Pages
    by Routledge

    Foucault, Sexuality, Antiquity, published for the first time in English, takes an interdisciplinary approach to exploring how the work of Michel Foucault has influenced studies of ancient Greece and Rome.

    Foucault’s The History of Sexuality has had a profound and lasting impact across the humanities and social sciences. In the two volumes dedicated to pagan antiquity, Foucault provided scholars with new questions for addressing ancient Greek and Roman societies, and an original epistemological framework for thinking about eroticism and about the processes by which individuals are led to recognize themselves as the subjects of their desires. Now, decades later, the scholars in this volume explore Foucault’s role in shaping and reorienting discussions of antiquity in the fields of philosophy, gender studies, and psychoanalysis, among others.

    A multidisciplinary exploration of Foucault’s work and its relationship to our understanding of ancient Greco-Roman societies, Foucault, Sexuality, Antiquity will be of interest to students and scholars in classical studies, philosophy, gender studies, and ancient history.

    1. To Problematize Sexuality: Foucault, the Ancients, and Us

    Sandra Boehringer and Daniele Lorenzini

    Translated by Meryl Altman

    2. The Use of Pleasure and Care of the Self: Genealogy of a Text

    Frédéric Gros
    Translated by Meryl Altman

    3. To Refuse Universals: A Foucauldian History of Ancient Sexuality, History in the Present Tense

    Sandra Boehringer
    Translated by Meryl Altman

    4. Perversion in Antiquity? Foucault, Seneca, and Psychiatric Reasoning

    Kirk Ormand

    5. "The Sexual Scene Concerns a Single Character"

    Jean Allouch

    Translated by Kirsten Ellerby

    6. Subject of Desire and Subject of Discourse in Foucault: Sexuality and the Erotic Relations of Greek Women and Men

    Claude Calame

    Translated by Meryl Altman

    7. Ancient Sexuality and the Principle of Activity: Foucauldian Paradoxes About Pederasty

    Olivier Renaut

    Translated by Meryl Altman

    8. Desire As the "Historical Transcendental" of the History of Sexuality

    Daniele Lorenzini

    Translated by Meryl Altman

    9. Body of Pleasure, Body of Desire: Augustine’s Theory of Marriage as Reread by Michel Foucault

    Arianna Sforzini

    Translated by Meryl Altman

    10. From Hermeneutics to Strategics: Gender, Sexualities, Norms, and Psychoanalysis

    Thamy Ayouch

    Translated by Kirsten Ellerby


    Sandra Boehringer is Associate Professor of Greek History at the University of Strasbourg, France. She is the author of Female Homosexuality in Ancient Greece and Rome (Routledge, 2021) and has edited, with Laurie Laufer, Après Les Aveux de la chair: Généalogie du sujet chez Michel Foucault (Epel, 2020). 

    Daniele Lorenzini is Associate Professor of Philosophy at the University of Warwick, UK, where he co-chairs the Centre for Research in Post-Kantian European Philosophy. He is the author, most recently, of The Force of Truth: Critique, Genealogy, and Truth-Telling in Michel Foucault (Chicago, forthcoming), and the co-editor of The Chicago Foucault Project.

    Praise for the original French edition, Foucault, la sexualité, l'Antiquité (Éditions Kimé, 2016):

    "The present book will remain a highly stimulating work for anyone wishing to go beyond well-worn paths, by making use of the new epistemological framework Foucault provides for approaching the question of ancient sexuality." Arnaud Paturet, Bryn Mawr Classical Review

    "Foucault, Sexuality, Antiquity sets out to provide an update on Foucauldian thought regarding sexuality.… The book is a success, both at the level of the quality of the individual contributions, the clarity of their discussions, but also in the ways they complement one another." Jan Nelis, Anabases