1st Edition

Foundations of British Foreign Policy 1792 – 1902

Edited By H. W.V Temperley, Lillian M Penson Copyright 1966
    608 Pages
    by Routledge

    587 Pages
    by Routledge

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    First published in 1938, this volume represents a selection of unpublished and published documents dealing with foreign affairs, from the rise of the Younger Pitt to the death of Salisbury. It contains both official papers and private letters; speeches and other public statements of policy. The Editors have had access to a large number of unpublished materials, public and private, so that many of the documents that they have chosen are new and reveal a striking continuity of ideas in British diplomacy, despite opposed parties and even opposing policies.

    1. Pitt, 1783-1801; 1805-6. 2. Canning, 1807-9. 3. Castlereagh, 1812-22. 4. Canning, 1822-7. 5. Palmerston, 1830-41. 6. Wellington, Palmerston, 1835-41: The Near East and the Straits Convention. 7. Palmerston, Russell, Clarendon, 1841-53: The Origins of the Crimean War. 8. Palmerston and the Revolution of 1848-9. 9. Granville, Malmesbury, 1852: The Reaction Against Palmerston. 10. Peel and Aberdeen, 1851-3: Italy. 11. Derby and Malmesbury, 1859: Italy. 12. Palmerston and Russell, 1859-63: Italy. 13. Palmerston and Russell, 1860-3: Russia and Poland. 14. Palmerston and Russell, 1860-4. 15. Palmerston and Russell: General Questions; Defence; the American Civil War; Arbitration; Slavery. Part XVI. Derby and Stanley, 1866-7. 16. Derby and Stanley, 1866-7. 17. Gladstone, Clarendon and Granville, 1868-74. 18. Disraeli and Derby, 1874-6: the Central Powers. 19. Beaconsfield, Derby and Salisbury, 1876-80. 20. Gladstone and Granville, 1880-5: the Ottoman Empire. 21. Gladstone and Granville, 1882-5: The Egyptian Question. 22. Salisbury, Rosebery, and Iddesleigh, 1885-6: Bulgaria and Batoum. 23. Salisbury, Prime Minister and Foreign Secretary, 1887-92. 24. Rosebery and Kimberley, 1892-5. 25. Salisbury, 1895-1900.


    H. W.V Temperley, Lillian M Penson