Fourth International Symposium On Pre-harvest Sprouting In Cereals  book cover
1st Edition

Fourth International Symposium On Pre-harvest Sprouting In Cereals

ISBN 9780367158484
Published October 15, 2020 by CRC Press
634 Pages

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Book Description

This book represents the proceedings of the Fourth International Symposium on Pre-Harvest Sprouting in Cereals. The purpose of this meeting is to review the status of all aspects of pre-harvest sprouting in cereals.

Table of Contents

Section I: Overviews of Sprouting in Cereals 1. Pre-Harvest Sprouting in Wheat - The Australian 2. Pre-Harvest Sprouting in Barley 3. Pre-Harvest Sprouting in Rye and Triticale 4. Pre-Harvest Sprouting in Rice Section II: Breeding and Selection for Pre-Harvest Sprouting Tolerance 5. Breeding and Selection for Pre-Harvest Sprouting Resistance in Red Wheats 6. Recovery of Sprouting Resistance from Wheats in White-Kernelled Segregates 7. Pre-Harvest Sprouting Tolerance in White Grained 8. Breeding and Selection for Pre-Harvest Sprouting Tolerance in Barley 9. Germless Grains - the Ultimate Answer to Pre-Harvest Sprouting 10. Ten Years Experience with using Sprouting Index in Wheat Breeding 11. Effects of Intermating on Kernel Colour and Pre-Harvest Dormancy in Durum Wheat 12. Differences in Pre-Harvest Sprouting and Alpha- Amylase Activity among Wheat Cultivars 13. Variation of Falling Number in Primary Triticale and their Wheat and Rye Parents 14. Relative Rates of Sprouting, Alpha-Amylase Production and Endosperm Breakdown during Intact Head Wetting at Different Temperatures 15. Progress in Pre-Harvest Sprouting Resistance of Winter Triticale in Poland 16. Comparisons of Tolerance to Pre-Harvest Sprouting within Triticum Species, Triticale and Barley 17. Combining Ability Analysis of Wheat Grain Ripening and Germinability in Two Ripening Environments Section III: Commercial Utilization of Sprouted Grain 18. The Sensitivity of Various Products to Sprouted Wheat 19. The Control of Pre-Harvest Sprouting in Cereals for Seed, Malting and Milling 20. Effects of Sprouting on Wheat Proteins and Baking Properties 21. Processing of Grain according to Alpha-Amylase Activity and Preparing Optimal Blends from Sound and Damaged Grain 22. Pearling and Milling as Techniques for the Improvement of the Quality of Sprouted Wheat 23. Problems encountered in Storage of Sprout Damaged Barley 24. The Feeding Quality of Sprouted Wheat for Poultry and Pigs Section IV: Grain Development 25. Recent Progress in the Physiology and Biochemistry of Immature Cereal Grains in Relation to Pre-Harvest Sprouting 26. The Effect of the Environment during Grain Growth in Barley on Gibberellin Physiology 27. Hormonal Changes during Cereal Grain Development 28. Alpha-Amylase Activity and Falling Number in Spring Wheat, Rye and Triticale during Ripening 29. The Induction of Germination Alpha-Amylase during Wheat Grain Development in Unfavourable Weather Conditions Section V: Physiology, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology of Germination 30. Molecular Biology of Expression of Alpha-Amylase and other Genes following Grain Germination 31. Molecular Biology of Barley (1-3, 1-4)-Beta-Glucanases 32. The Vascular System of the Wheat Spikelet 33. Ear and Grain Wetting and Pre-Harvest Sprouting 34. Hormone Responses in the Cereal Aleurone Tissue 35. Transfer of Information within the Germinating Grain 36. Mobilization of Endosperm Reserves during Germination of Wheat 37. Phospholipid Metabolism and Membrane Assembly in Wheat Aleurone Tissue Section VI: Grain Dormancy 38. Control and Development of Dormancy in Cereals 39. Breaking of Seed Dormancy by Treatment with Ammonia 40. Selection for Seed Dormancy by using Germination Tests 41. Studies on Dormancy and Pre-Harvest Sprouting in Chinese Wheat Cultivars 42. Dormancy in the Wild and Weedy Relatives of Modern Cereals 43. Mechanisms of Dormancy in Wild Oats (Avena fatua) Section VII: Enzymes in Germinating Grains 44. Biosynthesis and Secretion of Alpha-Amylase in Germinating Rice Seedlings 45. (1-3, 1-4)-Beta-Glucanases in Germinating Barley 46. Proteinases and Peptidases in Germinating Cereal Grains 47. A Review of Some Properties of an Endogenous Inhibitor of Cereal Alpha-Amylase 48. Degradation of Starch Granules in Maturing Wheat and its Relationship to Alpha-Amylase Production by the Embryo 49. Rate and Location of Production of Alpha-Amylase in Relation to Pre-Harvest Sprouting in Wheat 50. Some Aspects of the Synthesis of Enzymes and Enzyme Inhibitors in Barley 51. The Pathway of Secretion of Enzymes from Isolated Barley Aleurone Layers 52. Quantitative Analysis of Multiple forms of Alpha- Amylase Produced in Germinating Cereals 53. Cultivar Effects on Falling Number Section VIII: Assay Methods and Objective Testing 54. The Canadian Grading System for Wheat and its Implications in the Monitoring of Sprout-Damage 55. Falling Number Prognoses on Rye and Wheat in Sweden 56. Assessment of Weather Damage under Field Conditions in Northern NSW 57. The Logic of Testing for Sprout Damage 58. Falling Number Experience Reviewed 59. Rapid Screening for Weather Damage in Wheat 60. Nephelometric Determination of Cereal Amylases 61. Development of a Sensitive Immunoassay for Abscisic Acid in Wheat Grain Utilizing a Monoclonal Antibody 62. Electronic Weighing and Data Collection of Plot Combine Harvesters

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