1st Edition

Fragments Coping with Attention Deficit Disorder

By Amy E Stein Copyright 2003
    266 Pages
    by Routledge

    266 Pages
    by Routledge

    Explore effective alternative approaches to improving the lives of those diagnosed with attention deficit disorder!

    This remarkable new book offers fresh perspectives on ADD/ADHD. Even more important, it provides new direction for sufferers, introducing an ecologically based lifestyle that focuses on hands-on interactive learning. Fragments: Coping with Attention Deficit Disorder shows how to use environmental education and activities such as organic farming, community service, mission work, art, yoga, meditation, and spirituality to bring about positive change in people diagnosed with ADD or ADHD.

    From author Amy E. Stein: “This book is about life. It is written for those who think they have no hope, who struggle with life, with decisions, with addiction, and in search of themselves. I do not believe traditional psychotherapy or medication are solutions for those of us who fall under the label of ADD or ADHD.”

    Candidly written by a woman who, at age 25, was diagnosed as “a textbook case for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder,” this insightful book examines:

    • the pitfalls of traditional psychotherapy and medication for those diagnosed with ADD/ADHD
    • how an interactive hands-on learning environment can markedly improve the educational experience of ADD/ADHD kids
    • how an organic, holistic approach can benefit those diagnosed with ADD/ADHD
    • the correlation between agriculture and ADD/ADHD and the impact of eliminating pesticides and increasing fatty acid intake in the diets of sufferers
    • how incorporating spirituality and faith into ADD/ADHD sufferers’ lives can help to add discipline and bring greater satisfaction
    • and much more!
    Five helpful appendices give you easy access to environmental education resources, agricultural resources, a sample agricultural curriculum, a sample ecology curriculum, and an environmental art curriculum.

    • Preface
    • Acknowledgments
    • Chapter 1. Piecing Together the Fragments
    • Chapter 2. The Web of Deception
    • Chapter 3. The Eternal Maze
    • Chapter 4. Reaping What You Sow
    • Chapter 5. Up on the Mountain
    • Chapter 6. In the Trenches
    • Chapter 7. The Silence of the Woods
    • Chapter 8. Paths to Destinations Unknown
    • Appendix A. Environmental Education Resources
    • Appendix B. Agricultural Resources for Teaching or Internships
    • Appendix C. Sample Agricultural Curriculum for High School Students
    • Appendix D. A Sample Ecology Curriculum for High School Students
    • Appendix E. A Curriculum to Integrate Agriculture, Horticulture, and Environmental Concepts with Art
    • Notes
    • Index
    • Reference Notes Included


    Amy E Stein