1st Edition

France and Britain, 1900-1940 Entente and Estrangement

By P. M. H. Bell Copyright 1996
    284 Pages
    by Routledge

    288 Pages
    by Routledge

    The first of a two volume study, which will analyse the complex relationship between Britain and France in the twentieth century: a relationship which has been crucial to European politics and to both World Wars.This volume (fully self-contained) runs from the period of intense imperial rivalry at the turn of the century to the Fall of France. Philip Bell discusses diplomatic, economic and military policy, combining absorbing narrative with revealing commentary about the two countries.

    1. Landmarks.  2. Britain and France at the opening of the century.  3. Entente cordiale.  4. Problems of the entente, 1905-1914.  5. Comrades in arms, 1914-1918.  6. Light and shade: views and memories of war.  7. Peacemaking 1919.  8. Troubled twenties.  9. Things fall apart.  10. Appeasement and the English governess.  11. The Fall of France.  12. Lost opportunity?  13. The Schuman plan.  14.Britain, France and 'Europe', 1951- 1961.  15. Britain, France and the EEC, 1961-1975: a less than happy ending.  Epilogue.


    P. M. H. Wiliams