1st Edition

France and the Algerian Conflict Issues in Democracy and Political Stability, 1988-1995

By Camille Bonora-Waisman Copyright 2003

    This title was first published in 2003.France and the Algerian Conflict is a study of the French response to political upheavals in Algeria since 1988. In a very short period of time, Algeria has lived through a fast track democratization process, a coup d’état and an upsurge of violence bringing the country to the brink of civil war. France’s policy towards its ex-colony during this period of political and social hardship has been very tortuous. French leaders, from the Left or the Right, have shifted back and forth from supporting 'conciliation' in Algeria to backing 'eradication'. This book retraces the main events that occurred in Algeria from 1988 to 1995 and analyses the successive policy shifts of the French government both in terms of political discourse and policy means. In particular, it seeks answers to the issue of the French opposition to the Algerian militant Islamic Salvation Front (FIS).

    Contents: Introduction: France and Algeria’s short-lived democratization process. The Socialists (October 1988 - March 1993): Introduction to part one; French support for Chadli Benjedid's economic and political liberalization policy (October 1988 - January 1992); Political upheavals in Algeria and hesitating French support (Winter 1992 - Winter 1993); Friendship otherwise than just with words (January - March 1993). The Right (April 1993 - November 1995): Introduction to part two; Domestic politics in Algeria; The meanders of French policy under the right: 'Cohabitation' (April 1993 - May 1995); The meanders of French policy under the right: the Chirac presidency (May - November 1995). Opposing the FIS: Introduction to part three; Opposing the FIS: perceived risks; The ideological and psychological dimensions of French opposition to the FIS. Conclusion: a shifting policy - supporting democratization or political stability?; Bibliography; Index.


    Bonora-Waisman, Camille

    'This is a very satisfying book. France has always been the silent partner to the crisis in Algeria, yet the details of its involvement in the crisis over the last decade have always been obscure. Camille Bonora-Waisman's study illuminates not only the diplomatic headlines but also explores the murkier and less obvious arenas were much policy is really made.' George Joffe, Centre for International Studies, Cambridge '...provides a useful account and analysis of an important and interesting period. Bonora-Waisman has clearly made an effort to understand the complexities of Algerian (as well as French) domestic politics which he recounts with accuracy and balance - something not always true of accounts of Algeria, particularly from the French perspective.' Democratization '...this is an effective study of French foreign policy toward Algerian crisis. Bonora-Waisman succeeds in capturing the conservative nature of French foreign policy in Algeria. This book is a wlecome addition to the meagre but growing English language literature on French-Algerian relations in the recent past.' Political Studies Review