1st Edition

Franco-British Defence Co-operation A New Entente Cordiale?

Edited By Yves Boyer, John Roper Copyright 1989

    This book focuses on the prospects now opening up for Franco-British co-operation in the fields of defence and security. Looking at the situation from the viewpoints of both Britain and France, it builds on the indications of a developing awareness within the two governments of the benefits to be derived from a closer partnership. The book argues forcefully that it is now time for both Britain and France to give up their long-standing attitude of mutual indifference or even rivalry, and to recognise openly the similarities and natural affinities that exist between them. Although the ways in which defence problems are discussed in the two countries do not always coincide, the solutions proposed are often alike: in other words, Paris and London have much more in common in their approaches to defence and security questions than is generally recognised. The solutions put forward are intended not only to increase co-operation between France and Britain, but also to lead to greater political and military cohesion among all the West European allies.

    Part 1 Nuclear policies and possibilities for co-operation; Chapter 1 Nuclear policies: different approaches to similar objectives, John Roper; Chapter 2 Franco-British nuclear co-operation: the legacy of history finally overcome?, Yves Boyer; Chapter 3 The difficulties of nuclear co-operation, Peter Nailor; Chapter 4 The future of British and French nuclear policies, Lawrence Freedman; Part 2 Co-operation on conventional forces and armaments production; Chapter 5 Co-operation between conventional forces in Europe: a British view, Hugh Beach; Chapter 6 Co-operation between conventional forces in Europe: a French view, Fran├žois Valentin; Chapter 7 The prospects for military co-operation outside Europe: a French view, Marcel Duval; Chapter 8 The prospects for military co-operation outside Europe: a British view, Jonathan Alford; Chapter 9 Defence costs and budgeting in France, Jacques Fontanel; Chapter 10 Defence costs and budgeting in Great Britain, Ron Smith; Chapter 11 Co-operation in arms procurement: a British view, Farooq Hussain; Chapter 12 Co-operation in arms procurement: a French view, Pierre Menanteau; Part 3 Towards a new entente cordiale?; Chapter 13 A new step in Franco-British co-operation, Ian Davidson; Chapter 14 The prospects for Franco-British co-operation, Jean Chabaud; Chapter 15 European security: bilateral steps to multilateral co-operation, William Wallace; Chapter 16 Conclusion, Yves Boyer, John Roper;


    Yves Boyer, Pierre Lellouche, John Roper