Free and Moving Boundaries : Analysis, Simulation and Control book cover
1st Edition

Free and Moving Boundaries
Analysis, Simulation and Control

ISBN 9781584886068
Published June 6, 2007 by Chapman and Hall/CRC
472 Pages 63 Color Illustrations

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Book Description

Addressing algebraic problems found in biomathematics and energy, Free and Moving Boundaries: Analysis, Simulation and Control discusses moving boundary and boundary control in systems described by partial differential equations (PDEs). With contributions from international experts, the book emphasizes numerical and theoretical control of moving boundaries in fluid structure couple systems, arteries, shape stabilization level methods, family of moving geometries, and boundary control.

Using numerical analysis, the contributors examine the problems of optimal control theory applied to PDEs arising from continuum mechanics. The book presents several applications to electromagnetic devices, flow, control, computing, images analysis, topological changes, and free boundaries. It specifically focuses on the topics of boundary variation and control, dynamical control of geometry, optimization, free boundary problems, stabilization of structures, controlling fluid-structure devices, electromagnetism 3D, and inverse problems arising in areas such as biomathematics.

Free and Moving Boundaries: Analysis, Simulation and Control explains why the boundary control of physical systems can be viewed as a moving boundary control, empowering the future research of select algebraic areas.

Table of Contents

Optimal Tubes: Geodesic Metric, Euler Flow, Moving Domain
J.P. Zolésio
Numerical Simulation of Pattern Formation in a Rotating Suspension of Non-Brownian Settling Particles
Tsorg-Whay Pan and Roland Glowinski
On the Homogenization of Optimal Control Problems on Periodic Graphs
P.I. Kogut and G. Leugering
Lift and Sedimentation of Particles in the Flow of a Viscoelastic Liquid in a Channel
G.P. Galdi and V. Heuveline
Modeling and Simulation of Liquid-Gas Free Surface Flows
A. Caboussat, M. Picasso, and J. Rappaz
Transonic Regular Reflection for the Unsteady Transonic Small Disturbance Equation Detail of the Subsonic Solution
K. Jegdic, B.L. Keyfitz, and S. Canic
Shape Optimization for 3D Electrical Impedance Tomography
K. Eppler and H. Harbrecht
Analysis of the Shape Gradient in Inverse Scattering
P. Dubois and J.P. Zolésio
Array Antenna Optimization
L. Blanchard and J.P. Zolésio
The Stokes Basis for 3D Incompressible Flow Fields
G. Auchmuty
Nonlinear Aeroelasticity: Continuum Theory-Flutter/Divergence Speed, Plate Wing Model
A.V. Balakrishnan
Differential Riccati Equations for the Bolza Problem Associated with Point Boundary Control of Singular Estimate Control Systems
I. Lasiecka and A. Tuffaha
Energy Decay Rates for the Semilinear Wave Equation with Nonlinear Localized Damping and Source Terms—An Intrinsic Approach
I. Lasiecka and D. Toundykov
Electromagnetic 3D Reconstruction by Level-Set with Zero Capacity Connecting Sets
C. Dedeban, P. Dubois, and J.P. Zolésio
Shape and Geometric Methods in Image Processing
M. Dehaes and M. Delfour
Topological Derivatives for Contact Problems
J. Sokolowski and A. Zochowski
The Computing Zoom
J. Henry
An Optimization Approach for the Delamination of a Composite Material with Non-Penetration
M. Hintermuller, V.A. Kovtunenko, and K. Kunish
Adaptive Refinement Techniques in Homogenization Design Method
R.H.W. Hoppe and S.I. Petrova
Nonlinear Stability of the Flat-Surface State in Faraday Experiment
G. Guidoboni
A Dynamical Programming Approach in Hilbert Spaces for a Family of Applied Delay Optimal Control Problems
Giorgio Fabbri
A Posteriori Error Estimates of Recovery Type for Parameter Estimation Problem in Linear Elastic Problem
T. Feng, M. Gulliksson, and W. Liu
Tube Derivative of Non-Cylindrical Shape Functionals and Variational Formulations
R. Dziri and J.P. Zolésio
A Stochastic Riccati Equation for a Hyperbolic-Like System with Point and/or Boundary Control
C. Hafizoglu

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