1st Edition

Freelancer's Guide to Corporate Event Design: From Technology Fundamentals to Scenic and Environmental Design

By Troy Halsey Copyright 2010
    324 Pages
    by Routledge

    by Routledge

    The Freelancer's Guide to Corporate Event Design is the only book that will get the reader up to speed on the ever-changing and growing industry of corporate production. Written by one of the industry's leading designers, this book uses a candid and straightforward style to illustrate the process of designing a successful event.

    Learn the fundamentals of venue selection, rigging, lighting, audio, video, and scenic design with informative diagrams and detailed illustrations. This guide will show how to plan, design, and execute events of any size. Additionally, the designer will be armed with a strong knowledge of common mistakes, tips and tricks, and industry standards that will build and train a production team prepared for just about anything.

    The Basics; An Overview; The History of Corporate Theatre; The Elements; Venues; Staging; Seating; Rigging; Lighting; Video & Projection; The Audio; Speaker Support; Scenic Design; Scenic Design Part I: Research; Scenic Design Part II: The Basic Layout; Scenic Design Part 3 Shape, Color; and Materials; Scenic Design Part 4: Technology and Design; Scenic Design Part 5: Practical Design; Scenic Design Part 6: Construction and Hardware; Creating an Environment; Special Effects; Responsible Planning; Event Safety and Redundancy; The Green Movement; Glossary; References


    Troy Halsey is an award-winning scenic designer who has worked in the field of theatrical and corporate design for over 15 years as a professional freelance carpenter, event and video producer, technical director, and production manager. He holds a BA in Dramatic Media from Texas Lutheran University. Currently, he is the Lead Scenic Designer for one of the industry's largest event companies.

    "Offers fascinating insight into the bigger picture of how events are assembled, a great sense of where video fits into the corporate event designer's vision, and the perception fo the role of the video crew in the event design world."--EventDVLive

    "Written in a conversational tone, this guide offers an overview of the corporate event-design industry and gives many on-the-job tips and advice usually only found in training or internships. Information is presented in the same order experienced by an intern in a small event-design agency or production company. Coverage encompasses technical aspects such as rigging, video and projection, audio, and speaker support, as well as team and planning issues such as design processes, fire marshal approval, and drafting software. The guide also covers developing a design palette, corporate versus theatrical approaches to scenic design, scenic materials and construction, and how to present the design. The book is illustrated with color photos. The guide can be used by new designers, by theatrical designers and producers transitioning to corporate event planning, and by members of the corporate event planning committee. Halsey is an event producer and production manager."--SciTech Book News