1st Edition

French Creoles A Comprehensive and Comparative Grammar

By Anand Syea Copyright 2017
    520 Pages
    by Routledge

    520 Pages
    by Routledge

    French Creoles: A Comprehensive and Comparative Grammar is the first complete reference to present the morphology, grammar and syntax of a representative selection of French Creoles in one volume.

    The book is organised to promote a thorough understanding of the grammar of French Creoles and presents its complexities in

    Introduction Creole Languages – an historical overview

    What is a Creole?

    How did Creoles develop?

    Place of Creoles in education

    Chapter 1 Morphology

    Affixes - inflectional and derivational


    Chapter 2 Nouns

    Common and proper nouns

    Concrete and abstract nouns

    Count and non-count nouns

    Chapter 3 Articles

    Definite article

    Indefinite article

    Zero article

    Chapter 4 Pronouns

    Personal pronouns

    Possessive pronouns

    Demonstrative pronouns

    Reflexive pronouns

    Chapter 5 Adjectives and Adverbs

    Pre- and post-nominal adjectives

    Augmentative and dimunitive adjectives

    Adjective reduplication

    Ordering adjectives

    Adverbs (temporal, locational, manner, reason)

    Chapter 6 Numerals and quantifiers

    Types of numerals (ordinal, cardinal)


    Chapter 7 Verbs

    Types of verbs (transitive, ditransitive, unaccusative, unergative, control, raising, causative verbs)

    Verbs and their complements (finite and non-finite complements, defective complements, and small clause complements)

    Serial verb constructions

    Chapter 8 Tense, Mood, and Aspect markers

    Ordering of tense, mood, and aspect markers

    Modality (possibility, necessity, permission)

    Chapter 9 Prepositions

    Types of meaning expressed (e.g. dative, instrumental, location)

    Chapter 10 Subordination

    Subordinating conjunctions

    Adjunct clauses

    Chapter 11 Questions (types of questions: yes/no questions, wh-questions, multiple wh-questions, wh-in-situ questions, echo-questions)

    Chapter 12 Relative clauses (restrictive and non-restrictive)

    Relative pronouns

    Strategies for forming


    Anand Syea is Reader in Linguistics at the University of Westminster (London) and a native speaker of Mauritian Creole.