1st Edition

French Presidentialism and the Election of 1995

Edited By Lorna Milne, John Gaffney Copyright 1997
    316 Pages
    by Routledge

    318 Pages
    by Routledge

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    First published in 1997, this volume examines the presidential elections, one of the central events of the democratic process in France, and arguably the main organising principle of French politics since 1962, provide an opportunity to assess the development of the regime. More significantly, they allow us to asses modifications to the office of president and to French Presidentialism which are both reflected in an affected by the electoral campaign and the elections themselves. This book provides such an assessment, with specific reference to the candidates, issues and events of the 1995 Presidential elections.

    1. Introduction. John Gaffney , Lorna Milne.  2. Presidentialism in France: A Historical Overview. Peter Morris.  3. The Myth of the President in French Political Culture. Lorna Milne.  4. The Mirrerrand Legacy. Alistair Cole.  5. Analysis of the Election Results. David B.Goldey.  6. Financing the Presidential Campaign. Irene Hill.  7. The Mainstream Right Chirac and Balladur. John Gaffney.  8. The Left: Jospin, Hue and Laguiller. David Bell and Byron Criddle.  9. The Other Candidates: Voynet, Le Pen, de Villiers and Cheminade.  10. The Business Community and the Election. Mairi Maclean.  11. The Trade Unions and The Election. Susan Milner.  12. The Campaign and the Media. Pamela M.Moores and Christophe Texier.  13. The Polls and the 1995 Election. Jean Charlot, Monica Charlot.  14. Politics as Narrative: The Media , the Polls and Public Opinion. Catherine Pradeilles.  15. Foreign Policy Issues and the Election. Douglas Johnson.  16. Conclusion: French Presidentialsm and the Party System. John Gaffney.