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    Originally published in 1933, this volume From Chaos to Control represents the expansion of notes used in the delivery of the Halley Stewart Lectures for 1932–1933. Following on from the economic lecture of the previous year, this title covers “the psychology of popular understanding, of the nature of the public mind in relation to the technical problems discussed by last year’s lecturers; a problem of education, of politics.”

    This book is a re-issue originally published in 1933. The language used and views portrayed are a reflection of its era and no offence is meant by the Publishers to any reader by this re-publication.

    1. The Patient and the Doctors  2. The Disbelief in Economic Sanitation  3. Do We Know What We Want?  4. The Conditions of Successful Planning  5. Where Education Falls Short.  Index.


    Sir (Ralph) Norman Angell (1872–1967) was an English Nobel Peace Prize winner. He was a lecturer, journalist, author and MP for the Labour Party.

    Press opinions for the original publication:

    “Has all the luminous common sense which has given Sir Norman Angell his special place in public controversies. … it enforces its points with a pungent effectiveness that claims for it a wide audience.” – Manchester Guardian

     “Sir Norman Angell displays to great advantage his keen logic, his rational idealism, his penetrating glances behind the surface of things.”  –  Everyman

    “Attacks the economic problem from its psychological side.” – Times

    “Serves its purpose by drawing attention to the defect in our educational system and by showing that economics alone cannot cure our social ills.” – Scots Observer

    “This virile and outspoken book …. no ordinary reader can fail to derive much broadening of outlook and food for furious thought from what is a very important addition to the literature of progress.” – Western Daily Press and Bristol Mirror