1st Edition

From Discrimination to Death Genocide Process Through a Human Rights Lens

By Melanie O'Brien Copyright 2023
    338 Pages
    by Routledge

    338 Pages
    by Routledge

    From Discrimination to Death studies the process of genocide through the human rights violations that occur during genocide. Using individual testimonies and in-depth field research from the Armenian Genocide, Holocaust and Cambodian Genocide, this book demonstrates that a pattern of specific escalating human rights abuses takes place in genocide. Offering an analysis of all these particular human rights as they are violated in genocide, the author intricately brings together genocide studies and human rights, demonstrating how the ‘crime of crimes’ and the human rights law regime correlate. The book applies the pattern of rights violations to the Rohingya Genocide, revealing that this pattern could have been used to prevent the violence against the Rohingya, before advocating for a greater role for human rights oversight bodies in genocide prevention.

    The pattern ascertained through the research in this book offers a resource for governments and human rights practitioners as a mid-stream indicator for genocide prevention. It can also be used by lawyers and judges in genocide trials to help determine whether genocide took place. Undergraduate and postgraduate students, particularly of genocide studies, will also greatly benefit from this book.

    Part 1
    1 Freedom from Discrimination 
    Part 2 
    2 Freedom of Expression and Opinion 
    3 Education and Culture Rights 
    4 Employment, Political, and Fair Trial Rights 
    5 Freedom of Religion 
    6 Family and Privacy Rights 
    7 Child Rights 
    Part 3 
    8 Freedom of Movement; Liberty and Security of Person; Slavery 
    9 Rights to Health and Adequate Standard of Living 
    Part 4 
    10 Freedom from Torture 
    11 Right to Life 
    Part 5 
    12 The Refugee Stage 
    Part 6 
    13 The Rohingya Genocide 
    14 Conclusion



    Melanie O’Brien is Associate Professor of International Law at the University of Western Australia and President of the International Association of Genocide Scholars (IAGS).

    "This exciting, landmark book provides a truly innovative model for understanding genocide as a progressive process comprised of intensifying human rights violations. O’Brien not only brings human rights law and genocide studies into their strongest relationship since 1948, but produces a human rights-based approach to genocide prevention that is as novel as it promises to be effective."

    Professor Henry C. Theriault, Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs at Worcester State University, USA, and former President of the International Association of Genocide Scholars.

    "From Discrimination to Death is essential reading for practitioners and scholars alike. The intersection of human rights violations and genocide is frequently overlooked. This volume fills that void by examining human rights within a framework of international law, and then demonstrating how the violation of said rights was carried out by genocidal regimes. This brilliant text makes clear through a variety of case studies the processes of dehumanization and the violation of human rights sets the stage for genocide. Highly recommend for anyone who truly wishes to understand the connections between human rights and genocide."

    Dr Stephanie Wolfe, Associate Professor in Political Science, Weber State University; author of The Politics of Reparations and Apologies

    "From Discrimination to Death explores genocide as a pattern of systematic and escalating violations of human rights, not a single act. As well as making an important contribution to scholarship, viewing genocide as a process allows earlier intervention to prevent genocide and assists courts in prosecuting genocide."

    Professor Sarah Williams, University of New South Wales, Sydney; author of Hybrid and Internationalised Criminal Tribunals: Selected Jurisdictional Issues.