1st Edition

From Fair Sex to Feminism Sport and the Socialization of Women in the Industrial and Post-Industrial Eras

Edited By J A Mangan, Roberta J Park Copyright 1987
    328 Pages
    by Routledge

    334 Pages
    by Routledge

    First published in 1987 with the aim of deepening understanding of the place of women in the cultural heritage of modern society, this collection of essays brings together the previously discrete perspectives of women's studies and the social history of sport.

    Using feminist ideas to explore the role of sport in women's lives, From Fair Sex to Feminism is a central text in the study of sport, gender and the body. 

    Introduction; One: Overview; I: The Female Animal: Medical and Biological Views of Women and Their Role in Nineteenth-century America; 2: The Feminist Physique: Physical Education and the Medicalization of Women's Education; 3: Sport, Gender and Society in a Transatlantic Victorian Perspective; Two: British Perspectives; 4: Play up! Play up! And Play the Game! Sport at the Late Victorian Girls' Public Schools; 5: Victorian Familism and the Formative Years of Female Sport; 6: The Making and Breaking of a Female Tradition: Women's Physical Education in England 1880–1980; Three: Commonwealth Perspectives; 7: 7‘One's Nerves and Courage are in Very Different Order out in New Zealand': Recreational and Sporting Opportunities for Women in a Remote Colonial Setting; 8: Moral and Manly: Girls and Games in the Prestigious Church Secondary Schools of Melbourne 1901–1914; 9: Physical Activity for Canadian Women, 1890–1930: Media Views; Four: American Perspectives; 10: ‘Good Wives' and ‘Gardeners', Spinners and ‘Fearless Riders’: Middle- and Upper-rank Women in the Early American Sporting Culture; 11: Body Shapes: The Role of the Medical Establishment in Informing Female Exercise and Physical Education in Nineteenth-Century North America; 12: The ‘Amazon' and the American ‘Lady': Sexual Fears of Women as Athletes


    J A Mangan University of Strathclyde UK; Boria Majumdar University of Central Lancashire, UK; Roberta J Park University of Strathclyde UK.