1st Edition

From Individualism to the Individual
Ideology and Inquiry in Financial Economics

ISBN 9781138731646
Published November 30, 2017 by Routledge
510 Pages

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Book Description

This title was first published in 2002: From Individualism to the Individual treats finance as a social and cultural process, exploring the unseen side of academic discourse and the many obstacles the deeply entrenched elite puts in the way of alternative thinking. Opening with a detailed discussion of the role of ideology in the perpetuation of the limited methodological bias of the profession toward markets, the book then examines the more specific effects of such ideological limitations on theoretical and empirical research in finance. The authors develop alternative ways to examine finance both as a profession and as a field of inquiry. This book will be of particular value to researchers and practitioners working in finance, as well as those in other social science disciplines whose research relates to finance, culture and society.

Table of Contents

Contents: Introduction. Ideology and the Profession: The ideology of finance - part I: Ideology and the theory of financial economics, George M. Frankfurter and Elton G. McGoun; The ideology of finance - part II: From unrealistic assumptions to realistic theories? positive financial economics as a catch -22, George M. Frankfurter and Elton G. McGoun; Justification: Propaganda, accounting and finance: an exploration, David J. Collinson; Dissemination: Reciting the Kama Sutra in the lotus position under a sacred fig tree: the making of financial economics, George M. Frankfurter and Elton G. McGoun; Preservation: - part I: Market efficiency or behavioural finance: the nature of the debate, George M. Frankfurter and Elton G. McGoun. Ideology and Inquiry: Preservation - part II: The role of anomalies in finance, what are they and what are they good for?, George M. Frankfurter and Elton G. McGoun; Language: Signalling and semiotics: a search for meaning, George M. Frankfurter and Elton G. McGoun; Discourse - part I: Scientific conversation in financial economics, Sara Ann Rieter and Paul F. Williams; Discourse - part II; Discourse - part III: Market efficiency or behavioural finance? review, Ernest Welker; Status: Machomatics in egonomics, Elton G. McGoun. Finance and Society: Financial markets - part I: Hyperreal finance, Elton G. McGoun; Financial markets - part II: A sociological explanation of financial market growth, Douglas E. Allen, Elton G. McGoun and George W. Kester; Finance and fashion: Fashion and finance Elton G. McGoun; Finance and consumption: Hedonic investment. Douglas E. Allen and Elton G. McGoun; Dividends and society - part I: Dividends and society, Elton G. McGoun; Dividends and society - part II: The rationality of dividends, George M. Frankfurter and William R. Lane; Dividends and society - part III: What is the puzzle in

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George M. Frankfurter, Sabanci University, Turkey , held academic appointments at Syracuse University and Louisiana State University (LSU), respectively, over a 30-year period. Retired from LSU after holding the Lloyd F. Collette Chair of Financial Services for 12 years. Author of 80 scientific papers, two books and a financial management simulation. Former co-editor of The Financial Review, and co-founder and editor of The International Review of Financial Analysis. Currently, member of the editorial board of The Journal of Psychology and Financial Markets. Elton G. McGoun, Bucknell University, USA, co-founder and co-organizer of the biennial Alternative Perspectives in Finance conferences, co-founder and co-editor of the Internet Journal Alternative Perspectives on Finance and Accounting, and on the Editorial Board of the Economic and Business Review for Central and Eastern Europe. Author of numerous scientific papers presented at national and international conferences in several business disciplines and published in a variety of scholarly journals. Co-author of Toward Finance With Meaning published by JAI Press.