1st Edition

From Me to We The Five Transformational Commitments Required to Rescue the Planet, Your Organization, and Your Life

By Bob Doppelt Copyright 2012

    In From Me to We: The Five Transformational Commitments Required to Rescue the Planet, Your Organization, and Your Life, systems change expert Bob Doppelt reveals that most people today live a dream world, controlled by false perceptions and beliefs. The most deeply held illusion is that all organisms on Earth, including each of us, exist as independent entities. At the most fundamental level, the change needed to overcome our misperceptions is a shift from focusing only on "me" – our personal needs and wants – to also prioritizing the broader "we": the many ecological and social relationships each of us are part of, those that make life possible and worthwhile. Research shows that by using the techniques described in this book this shift is possible – and not that difficult to achieve. 

    From Me to We offers five transformational "commitments" that can help you change your perspective and engage in activities that will help resolve today's environmental and social problems. Not coincidentally, making these commitments can improve the quality of your life as well. 

    Bob Doppelt's latest book is a wake-up call to the creed of individualism. He calls for recognition of the laws of interdependence, cause and effect, moral justice, trusteeship, and free will. The book will be essential to all of those interested in how we can create and stimulate a sea change in how to enable the necessary behavioral change we need to deal with the myriad environmental and social pressures consuming the planet.

    Introduction  1. "Me" to "We" throughout history2. The first commitment: See the systems you are part of3. The second commitment: Be accountable for all the consequences of your actions4. The third commitment: Abide by society's most deeply held universal principles of morality and justice5. The fourth commitment: Acknowledge your trustee obligations and take responsibility for the continuation of all life6. The fifth commitment: Choose your own destiny7. Conclusion: It is up to you


    Bob Doppelt