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From Submission To Rebellion The Provinces Versus The Center In Russia

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    by Routledge

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    by Routledge

    Written in the spirit of comparative and historical analysis, this book addresses the relationship between the center and its provinces?an important issue in any society?using Russia as a case study. The authors investigate the historical stages of Russia's past with a special focus on the postcommunist era, a time when the movement toward regional autonomy (regionalization) is extremely important as a molder of political and economic life. In addition, the book shows how historical traditions, on the one hand, and the new market economy and democratization, on the other, will shape the relationship between the center and provinces in the coming decades.Shlapentokh, Levita, and Loiberg direct their attention not only to factors which shape regionalization, but also to the effects of this process on many different facets of Russian life. They argue that regionalization in Russia, as well as in other countries, is a contradictory process that has both benefits and drawbacks for social and economic progress.The solid research foundation draws from a rich body of sources, including Russian periodicals, statistical yearbooks, work by Russian and Western authors, data gathered in nationwide surveys conducted specifically for this project, and insightful observations made by the authors during their numerous visits to various regions in Russia.

    * Introduction * The Major Theoretical Perspective: Regionalism as Past and Contemporary World Development The Era Of The Centers Dominance Before 1985 * Prerevolutionary Russia: The Center Unchallenged Since the Sixteenth Century * The Center and Regions in the Soviet Period: The Provinces Without a Voice * The Krushchev Era: The First Move Toward Decentralization * The Brezhnev Era: Stability of Regional Cadres The Center And Regions In Conflict Since 1985 * The Gorbachev Era: Destabilization of Center-Periphery Relations * Developments in Post-Communist Russia: First Moves Toward Autonomy, 19911992 * The Growth of Regionalism and the Centers Counterattack, 19931996 The Center And Regions In Confrontation * The Center and Regions in Political Struggle * Regions on the Offensive * The Regional Elite as Advocate of Regionalization * The Ideological Struggle Surrounding Regionalization * The Center and Regions in the Period of Marketization of the Economy * Differentiation Between Regions in the Struggle for Autonomy * The Regionalization and Political Fragmentation of Russia * Regions in Coalition Against the Center The Effect Of Regionalism On Russian Society * The Contradictory Consequences of Regionalization * Conclusion


    Vladimir Shlapentokh, Mikhail Loiberg