1st Edition

From Tribe To Empire

By A. Moret, G. Davy Copyright 2003

    This book covers in a systematic way, both theoretically and historically, totemic organization, individualized and communistic power, the progress from clans and kingdoms, especially in ancient Egypt and the Semitic world, the empires of Iran and the Barbarian invasions.

    Part I: Social Organization and the Progressive Concentration of Power in Primitive Societies 1. The Problem: History -Sociology and 2. Totemic Organization 3. Territorial Organization in Relation to Totemic Organization 4. The First Traces of individualized Power with in the Communistic Totemico-Ter-Ritorial Organization 5. The Progress of individualized Power and the Transformations of the Communistic Totemic Organization. Evolution in Myth-Ology and in Politics 6. The Conditions of the individualiza-Tion of Power Part II: From Clans to Kingdoms 7. The Origins of Social Life and Political institutions in Egypt 8. The Egyptian Kingdom and its Neigh-Bours Under the old Empire 9. The Semitic World to 2000 Part III: The First Empires of the Orient 10. The Iranian and Asianic invasions and the Barbarian Empire of the Hyksos 11. The Egyptian Empire and the Concert of Nations in the Fifteenth Century 12. The Egypto-Hittite Entente and the Peoples of the North and of the Sea 13. Conclusion