1st Edition

From Tsar To Soviets

By Christopher Reed Copyright 1996
    340 Pages
    by Routledge

    336 Pages
    by Routledge

    Written from the perspective of the factory worker and peasant at the ground level, this study of Russia during the Revolution 1917-21 aims to shed light on the realities of living through and participating in these tumultuous events. The book is intended for undergraduate courses in history, Soviet studies, and politics.

    Part 1 Collapse of a system: why was Russia revolutionary?; the revolution of 1905 and after; the contours of national politics - Petrograd, the provisional government and the Soviet; streets, factories, workshops, mines; fields, forests, villages, estates; barracks, battleships, the line. Part 2 Constructing a new order: the popular movement and the political parties; the contours of national politics, 1917-21; the Bolshevik dictatorship; the popular movement in the revolutionary war; anti-Bolshevik insurrections; the end of the revolution; conclusion - revolutions in collision.


    Christopher Reed