1st Edition

From the Baltic to the Black Sea Studies in Medieval Archaeology

Edited By Leslie Alcock, David Austin Copyright 1991
    ISBN 9780415152259
    Published June 27, 1997 by Routledge

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    ISBN 9780044451198
    348 Pages
    Published July 26, 1990 by Routledge

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    Offers a rare insight into the closed world of medieval Eastern Europe and opens up a neglected archaeological tradition to English-speaking readers. Sections focus on early European ethnic formations and states, the demography of medieval populations and the nature of rural settlement and urban development. The book challenges the intellectual assumptions of medieval archaeology and questions its relationship to history and prehistory. It exposes the limitations of a strictly empirical approach to studying the period when written history began and the early medieval states emerged.

    Introduction, David Austin, Leslie Alcock; Part 1 Objectives of Medieval Archaeology, David Austin, Leslie Alcock; Chapter 1 The ‘proper study’ of medieval archaeology, David Austin; Chapter 2 The ‘proper study’ of medieval archaeology: a case study, David Austin, Julian Thomas; Chapter 3 Medieval archaeology and the tyranny of the historical record, Timothy C. Champion; Chapter 4 A comparative study of Czech and British medieval rural settlement archaeology: towards whole landscapes, Martin Gojda; Part 2 Early State and Ethnic Formations, David Austin, Leslie Alcock; Chapter 5 Byzantium and the Avars: the archaeology of the first 70 years of the Avar era, Istvan Bóna; Chapter 6 Connections between Scandinavia and the East Roman Empire in the Migration period, Birgit Arrhenius; Chapter 7 New research on finds of Avar chieftain-burials at Igar, Hungary, Gyula Fülöp; Chapter 8 Early medieval hillforts in Polish lands in the 6th to the 8th centuries: problems of origins, function, and spatial organization, Zbigniew Kohyli?ski; Chapter 9 What does coinage tell us about Scandinavian society in the late Viking Age?, Brita Malmer; Chapter 10 Interactions between indigenous and western culture in Livonia in the 13th to 16th centuries, É. Mugur?vi?s; Part 3 Population, David Austin, Leslie Alcock; Chapter 11 Height variation in the light of social and regional differences in medieval Denmark, Jesper L. Boldsen; Chapter 12 Merovingian skull deformations in the southwest of France, Eric Crubézy; Chapter 13 The palaeodemography of medieval populations in Czechoslovakia, Milan Stloukal; Part 4 Rural Settlement, David Austin, Leslie Alcock; Chapter 14 The lower Vltava basin: an attempt at a regional approach to the settlement history of the early Middle Ages, Martin Gojda; Chapter 15 Rural settlements in the 9th and 10th centuries in the Danube Valley in Serbia, Gordana Marjanovic-Vujovic; Part 5 Urban Development, David Austin, Leslie Alcock; Chapter 16 Origins and development of Slavic and German Lübeck, Günter P. Fehring; Chapter 17 Research in Prague – an historical and archaeological view of the development of Prague from the 9th century to the middle of the 14th century, Vaclav Huml; Chapter 18 Archaeological evidence for the development and urbanization of Kiev from the 8th to the 14th centuries, Oleg M. Ioannisyan;


    David Austin, Leslie Alcock

    `Lays the foundation for a new approach to the archaeology of the Middle Ages which will be disregarded by existing practitioners at their peril - British Archaeological News

    ...contains papers that are of great methodological and substantive interest - Proceedings of the Prehistory Society

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