1st Edition

From the Top of the Mountain

By Rosolino Buccheri Copyright 2025
    132 Pages
    by Jenny Stanford Publishing

    The Second Principle of Thermodynamics is nowadays a sort of "religious" belief: the certainty that our universe, with everything in it, is destined to be destroyed, sentients included—a thought that has been heavily radicated for decades in a society divided between rigid atheists and likewise rigid religious people. The laws of nature are presently not so clear about this topic. What was initially the "Second Principle of Thermodynamics" has now become for most people the "Second Law of Thermodynamics." A "law" is true everywhere, whereas a "principle" is true only on Earth. However, Earth is a planet of the solar system; the presence of stars (the sun being one) changes the things, but this fact is normally not taken into account.

    This book discusses man’s derivation from inert matter and disproves the general validity of the Second Principle of Thermodynamics, together with inherent social considerations. This view renders coherent the full history of the universe’s evolution with human beings in it, bringing out incoherent hypotheses connected with vaguely religious necessities. At variance with all previous narrations, this new perspective also renders coherent the presence and the future of the human beings on Earth, a vision that enlarges the perspectives even from the religious points of view.


    1. Just One … but Dual!

    A Summary of Old, Classical, and Modern Views

    Quantum, Prigogine, and Contemporary Science

    Uniqueness of Self-Conscience

    Rationality, Intuition, and Common Sense

    Duality and the Creative Tension of Antinomies

    2. Second Principle of Thermodynamics: Is Any Door Really Closed?

    From Simple Hydrogen to Complex Life

    Evolution, Emergency, Mind

    Time’s Flow and the Increasing Brain Size

    Intelligent Life in the Expanding Universe

    Entropy: A Law or Just a Principle?

    Is the Analysis Complete?

    Human Actions Produce Work, as Other Forces Do!

    Thermal Death or ‘Intelligent Design’?

    Will Always Be Valid All What We Believe Today?

    3. Integrative Considerations

    Intelligibility and Hidden Aspects of Reality

    Asserted and Denied Truths

    The Exophysical Point of View

    Intersubjectivity, Endophysics

    Life vs Ambient

    Epilogue by Evgeni B. Starikov


    Rosolino Buccheri was research director in astrophysics and cosmic physics at the Instituto di Fisica Cosmica e Applicazioni dell’Informatica and the Area della Ricerca in Palermo, Italy. He has the discovery of the first superfast binary pulsar from the Arecibo Observatory and the detailed pulsed radiation from the Crab and Vela pulsars with the Cos-B satellite to his credit. Dr Buccheri has published 200 scientific articles, co-authored the book L’idea del Tempo (UTET, Milano) with Margherita Hack and Pippo Battaglia, and authored the books Fra il mito della certezza e la certezza del Mito (Saladino, Palermo) and Myth, Chaos, and Certainty: Notes on Cosmos, Life, and Knowledge (Jenny Stanford Publishing, Singapore).