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Frontier Research and Innovation in Optoelectronics Technology and Industry
Proceedings of the 11th International Symposium on Photonics and Optoelectronics (SOPO 2018), August 18-20, 2018, Kunming, China

ISBN 9781138331785
Published December 2, 2018 by CRC Press
516 Pages

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Book Description

This book provides an overview of research achievements by industry experts and academic scientists in the subject area of Optoelectronics Technology and Industry. It covers a broad field ranging from Laser Technology and Applications, Optical Communications, Optoelectronic Devices and Integration, Energy Harvesting, to Medical and Biological Applications. Authored by highly-regarded researchers, contributing a wealth of knowledge on Photonics and Optoelectronics, this comprehensive collection of papers offers insight into innovative technologies, recent advances and future trends needed to develop effective research and manage projects. Researchers will benefit considerably when applying the technical information covered in this book.

Table of Contents

Image processing

Improving the accuracy of stripe center extraction in a structured light measurement system
B. Chen, Y.J. Zhang & J.R. Zhang

Deformation measurement of tooth-locked end closure flange of ultra high pressure vessel using digital image correlation method
X.-Y. Liu, Q.-Y. Kong, Y.-G. Hou, Q. Guo, R.-L. Li & C.-J. Xu

Single frame infrared image adaptive correction algorithm based on residual network
X.G. Mou, J.J. Lu, X. Zhou & X.M. Wang

Development of an efficient computer generated synthetic hologram method
X. Yang, Y. Li, Q.H. Yan, H. Wang, F.Y. Xu, J.H. Zhang & H.B. Zhang

The layered 3D non-local means for image de-noising
C.S. Ying, K. Hou & Y. Li

The measurement of depth of field in microscope system based on image clarity evaluation
L. Zhang, W.-J. Chen, W.-S. Li & K.-F. Zhan

An occlusion consistency processing method based on virtual-real fusion
C. Zhang, R.C. Xu, C. Han & H.Y. Zhai

Improving the measuring accuracy and reliability of a binocular structured light measurement system
J.R. Zhang, Y.J. Zhang & B. Chen

Design of an autofocus method based on an off-axis reflective zoom optical system
J.J. Zhu, W.W. Zhu, K. Zhang, X.X. Gao, M.J. Sun & Y. Liu

Laser technology and applications

Extinction characteristics of biological aggregated particles with different porosity in the far infrared band
X. Chen, Y.H. Hu, Y.L. Gu, X.Y. Zhao & X.Y. Wang

Research into the frequency-modulation efficiency of laser diodes
X.Y. Chen, Q. Yao & S.D. Xiong

Experimental study on interference threshold of HgCdTe refrigeration gaze thermal imager in medium wave by pulse laser
X.Z. Cheng, M. Shao, X.K. Miao, Z.F. Hou, B. Bai & L.L. Zhang

Designing and technical analysis of the use of combination of PhCs based hydrogel with an enzyme hydrogel as biosensors
K.N. Chopra

RLG coatings – characterization and optimization for improving laser damage threshold, and losses
K.N. Chopra

Investigation of sub-diffraction mode characteristics in a semiconductor plasmonic nanolaser at telecom wavelength
M. Ferdosian & H. Kaatuzian

Theoretical study on spot forming of stainless steel surface by pulse laser
J. Huang, W.Q. Shi, Y.P. Xie, Y.Q. Li, H.X. Wu & F.J. An

Experimental study into ultraviolet degradation of abamectin based on absorption spectrum
R.D. Ji, X.Y. Wang, J.Y. He, T.Z. Zhu, Y.S. Yu, X. Yang & Y.L. Zhang

Generating an enhanced optical comb based on a gain switched laser by optimizing the modulation ratio
Y.D. Li, T. Pu, H.T. Zhu, P. Xiang, J.L. Zheng, J. Li, X. Zhang, M. Hu & Y. Liu

Second harmonic measurement of multi-beam laser heterodyne with ultra-precision for the glass thickness based on oscillating mirror sinusoidal modulation
Y.C. Li, Y. Liu & W.D. Zhong

Second-harmonic spectral compression using Fresnel-inspired binary phase shaping
B. Li

Study of a laser-echo simulation system with high precision and a wide range based on a phase-locked loop frequency multiplier
M. Liu, Z.W. Li, G.Y. Wen, X.N. Yu & Y.Z. Liu

Topological reaction in two superimposed vortex beams
W.R. Miao & X.Y. Pang

Effects of the electron density on the femtosecond filamentation in gases
X.X. Qi & C.R. Jing

A novel method for evaluating the consistency of PZTs with folded-cavity He-Ne laser
Y.C. Quan, Z.Q. Tan, J.P. Liu & Y. Huang

Numerical analysis of the thermal effect of a detector irradiated by a repetition frequency pulsed laser
X.D. Ren, W.H. Lei & L.Q. Zeng

Analysis of thermal-gradient-induced aberration of coolant in direct liquid-cooled thin-disk laser
X. Ruan, B. Tu, J.L. Shang, J. Wu, X.C. An, H. Su, J.Y. Yi, H.X. Cao, Q.S. Gao, K. Zhang & C. Tang

Detecting collagen fibrils’ structure in ovarian cancer using second harmonic generation microscopy
J.-F. Wu, X.-D. Li & C. Li

Effect of laser intensity on the energy of accelerating electron in vacuum
L.Q. Xin & Y.W. Tian

Infrared laser stealth based on anomalous reflection by phase gradient meta-surfaces
C.L. Xu, S.B. Qu, Y.Q. Pang, J.F. Wang, M.B. Yan, Y.F. Li, J. Wang & H. Ma

A novel frequency-locking scheme for optical-feedback cavity-enhanced absorption spectroscopy
Z.R. Xu, Z.Q. Tan, Z.F. Luo, J.Y. Li & S.Q. Liu

Optimal design of the emission device used for an anti-tank missile laser simulator
P.P. Yan, Y.Q. Yang & W.J. She

Mode effects on supercontinuum generation from 15/130 large mode area fiber
X. Yang, S.-P. Chen & Z.-F. Jiang

Design of performance parameters for a missile-borne laser altimeter
H. Yang & Y.F. Zhang

Assessing the dynamic characteristics of a femtosecond laser micro plasma expansion process with an optical fiber sensing probe
D. Zhong & Z. Li

Combining principle component analysis and a back-propagation network for classifying plant water-stress based on images of chlorophyll fluorescence
C. Zhou, J.D. Mao, H. Zhao & B. Zhang

Optical communications

An optical fiber ultrasonic sensor based on cascaded Fiber Bragg Grating Fabry-Perot probe
X.H. Bai, M.L. Hu, T.T. Gang, J. Wang & L.G. Dong

Nonlinear optical properties of water-soluble PbS and Ag2S quantum dots under femtosecond pulses
Q. Chang, X.D. Meng & X.W. Liu

A three-dimensional indoor positioning system based on visible light communication
B.B. Chen, J.Y. Zhang, W. Tang, Y.J. Liu, S.H. Liu, Y. Zuo & Y.T. Dai

Theoretical investigation of quality factor and light-speed reduction in a plasmon-induced transparency device
P. Dara & H. Kaatuzian

Improved method for seeking null frequencies in a Sagnac distributed optical fiber sensing system
N. Fang & L.T. Wang

A bandwidth-reconfigurable optical filter based on a stimulated Brillouin scattering effect using an optical frequency comb
J.W. Gong, X.J. Li, Q.G. Tan, W. Jiang & D. Liang

Design of an integrated primary mirror and support structure for a space-borne laser communication terminal
X. Li, X.M. Li & J.Q. Zhang

A novel few mode fiber with low loss and low crosstalk
X. Li, X. Wang, H.J. Zheng, C.L. Bai & W.S. Hu

Transient Kerr effect and its application in all-optical switching
C. Li, Z.-M. Xu, S.-Y. Wu & J.-F. Wu

A foresighted measure for RWA algorithms in all-optical mesh networks
X.H. Li, J.L. Yuan & L.H. Yang

Intensity and phase of ring Airy Gaussian vortex beam in atmospheric turbulence
Y.Q. Li, L.G. Wang & L. Gong

Effect of atmospheric refraction on timing deviation of earth-to-satellite time transfer based on dual wavelength
H. Liu, L. Lu, B.F. Zhang, C.X. Wu & J.Y. Wang

Secrecy performance analysis of NLOS ultraviolet communications over turbulence channels
W.F. Mou, T. Pu, W.W. Yang & Y.T. Tan

Reconfigurable and tunable microwave photonic filter using a multi-wavelength hybrid-gain-assisted fiber ring laser
M.M. Peng, F. Wang & L. Shi

Research on a space microsatellite laser communication method based on modulating retroreflector technology
J.Y. Ren, H.Y. Sun & L.X. Zhang

Performance analysis of a multichannel WDM hybrid optical communication system for long haul communication
D. Shanmuga Sundar, V. Nidhyavijay, T. Sridarshini & A. Sivanantha Raja

Secure performance analysis of optical CDMA systems based on secrecy capacity
Y.T. Tan, T. Pu, J.L. Zheng, P. Xiang, W.F. Mou & H.T. Zhu

A 3-D high-precision indoor positioning strategy using the ant colony optimization algorithm based on visible light communication
P.F. Wang, W.P. Guan, S.S. Wen, M.Y. Sun, Q. Peng & Y.X. Wu

Free-space-based multiple-access frequency transfer based on optical frequency comb
D.N. Zhang, J.Y. Chen, Y.M. Li & D. Hou

A cat’s eye modulating retroreflector based on focal plane misalignment
L.X. Zhang, H.Y. Sun, J.Y. Ren & T.Q. Zhang

Direct detection of a single-channel 112 Gb/s PAM-4 signal using an 18 GHz directly modulated laser and Maximum-Likelihood Sequence Estimation (MLSE) equalization
J.L. Zhang, C. Xu, G.J. Gao, H.D. Liu & Z. Yang

Broadband near-infrared luminescence of porous silicon heat-treating at high temperature
Sa Chu Rong Gui, W. Bao, Y. Fu & W. Wang

Optoelectronic devices and integration

Optimization of amplifier-combination schemes in an ultra-long-span optical-fiber transmission system
R.H. Chi, H.T. Zhao & L.Y. Li

SiN micro-resonator optical frequency comb with varying FSR spacing
Y. Gao, Y.L. Zhang, Y.D. Ding, S.L. Zhu, C. Zeng, Q.Z. Huang & J.S. Xia

Development of a dual-channel LSPR biosensing system for detection of melamine using AuNPs-based aptamer
Q.Q. Guo, S. Wang, H. Zhang, D.X. Li, J.J. Shang, H.F. Sun, Y.T. Yang, L.Z. Ma & J.D. Hu

X-ray absorption gratings fabricated via nanoparticles for differential phase-contrast imaging
J. Li, J. Huang, X. Liu, J. Guo & Y. Lei

High-efficiency and folding silicon solar cell modules
Y.J. Li, Y.J. Zhang & C.L. Fang

Emulsion synthesis of size-tunable green emitting halide perovskite CH3NH3PbBr3 colloidal quantum dots
Y.H. Liu, X. Tong, Q. Xu, S.J. Hao & Y.D. Ren

All-dielectric asymmetrical metasurfaces based on mesoscale dielectric particles with different optical transmissions in opposite directions through full internal reflection
I.V. Minin, G.V. Shuvalov & O.V. Minin

Ultra-wide dynamic range fiber-optic SPR sensor based on phase interrogation
Z.L. Song, Y.B. Guo, T.G. Sun, M.T. Liu & Y. Zheng

Microwave photonic phase shifter in a polarization-maintaining fiber Bragg grating immune to wavelength drift
M.M. Sun, R.J. Zhu, Z.F. Fang & X. Zhou

Field trial of active coexistence unit over a gigabit passive optical network with live broadband subscribers
D. Tarsono, A. Ahmad, K. Khairi & N.A. Ngah

Diffractive optical elements with chiral-focusing properties for optical-trapping applications
A. Vijayakumar, M.R. Rai, J. Rosen, B. Vinoth, C.-J. Cheng, I.V. Minin & O.V. Minin

The research on a dual-wavelength gain competition mechanism for a sensing application
Q. Wang & S. Wang

Optical absorption in an InAs/GaSb based type II quantum well system
X.F. Wei & W.Y. Wang

Porthole structural stray light analysis and suppression in star sensor
K. Yu, M. Cong & B. Guo

Performance prediction for coherent optical transponder using accurate model
Y. Yue, Q. Wang & J. Anderson

Frequency-quadrupled millimeter-wave photonic mixer with a tunable phase shift
C.H. Zhang, Y. Qiao, Y.K. Zhao, C.L. Gong, K. Sun, Y.F. Wei, T.W. Jiang & X.L. Gao

A filterless frequency-sextupling microwave signal processor with tunable phase shift
X.Y. Zhang, C.H. Zhang, R.Y. He, X.Q. Song, C.L. Gong & Y.F. Wei

Rainfall interference reduction for a distributed fiber optical intrusion sensor system
H. Zhu & Y. Zhou

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Khaled Habib is Senior Research Scientist at the Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research (KISR), Kuwait

Elfed Lewis is Associate Professor at the Department of Electronic and Computer Engineering at the University of Limerick, UK.