1st Edition

Frontiers in Nonlinear Optics, The Sergei Akhmanov Memorial Volume

By H. Walther, N. Koroteev, M.O. Scully Copyright 1993

    In tribute to the memory of Sergei Akhmanov, a pioneer in the field, Frontiers in Nonlinear Optics presents an overview of quantum electronics and nonlinear optics. The contributors, world leaders in this field, provide up-to-date surveys and current trends to ensure comprehensive coverage in all aspects of nonlinear optics. This fascinating collection is necessary reading both for researchers entering the field and for established researchers in nonlinear optics.

    FOREWORD by N. Bloembergen

    Channeling of atoms in a standing laser light wave by V.I. Balykin et al.
    Optical nonlinearities and the Kerr effect in phaseonium by U. Rathe et al.
    Spectroscopic studies in the far ultraviolet (80-200nm) using nonlinear tunable sources by B.P. Stoicheff
    CARS in plasma physics by M. Lefebvre et al.
    Velocity distribution of electrons for tunnel ionization by a light field with polar asymmetry by N.B. Baranova and B. Ya Zel'dovich

    Hot carriers in semiconductors studied via picosecond optical nonlinearities in the infrared by T. Elsasser and W. Kaiser
    Non-local time-resolved spectroscopy-tracking of polariton pulses in crystals by Ch Flytzanis et al.
    Self trapping of optical beams in photorefractive media by M. Segev et al.
    Solitons in quantum nonlinear optics by R.Y. Chiao et al.
    Femtosecond dynamics of third-order nonlinearities in polythiophenes by A Cybo-Ottone et al.

    Nonlinear generation of sub-psec pulses of THz electromagnetic radiation by optoelectronics-applications to time-domain spectroscopy by D. Grischkowsky
    Novel nonlinear optical techniques for studying chiral molecules of biological importance by N.I. Koroteev
    Coupled nonlinear cavities: new avenues to ultrashort pulses by F. Mitschke et al.
    Transverse rotating waves in nonlinear optical systems with spatial and temporal delay by N.G. Iroshnikov and M.A. Vorontsov
    The effect of intraspectral harmonics correlation of broad-band fields on the excitation of quantum resonance systems by A.M. Bonch-Bruevich and S.B. Przhibelskii
    Injection-locked femtosecond parametric oscillators in LBO crystals by V.M. Gordienko et al.



    H. Walther, Max-Panck-Institut fur Quantenoptik, Garching; N. Koroteev Moscow State University, Moscow; M.O. Scully University of New Mexico, Albuquerque.

    "…wide spectrum of breathtaking achievements in the field of quantum electronics and nonlinear optics."
    -Contemporary Physics

    "The various authors are well distributed between Russia, Western Europe, and North America. … and is produced to a high standard."
    -Optical and Quantum Electronics