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Frontiers in Offshore Geotechnics II

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Published October 5, 2010 by CRC Press
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Book Description

Frontiers in Offshore Geotechnics II comprises the Proceedings of the Second International Symposium on Frontiers in Offshore Geotechnics (ISFOG), organised by the Centre for Offshore Foundation Systems (COFS) and held at the University of Western Australia (UWA), Perth from 8 – 10 November 2010. The volume addresses current and emerging challenges facing those working in offshore geotechnics, spanning construction, design and research. Keynote papers with authors from industry and academia describe the state-of-the-art of practice and theory. A further 117 peer-reviewed papers describe emerging research, new design techniques and recent case studies related to the frontiers of offshore geotechnical engineering. The themes of the papers include geohazards, gas hydrates, in situ site characterisation and pore pressure measurement, site investigation, soil characterisation, foundations for renewable energy, shallow foundations, jack-up units, piled foundations, anchoring systems, pipelines and risk and reliability. New and established design methods representing industry best practice are discussed alongside new construction technologies and emerging research ideas. Frontiers in Offshore Geotechnics II provides a comprehensive state-of-the-art reference for professionals and researchers in offshore, civil and maritime engineering and for soil mechanics specialists.

Table of Contents

1   Keynotes

A systematic approach to offshore engineering for multiple-project developments in geohazardous areas
T.G. Evans

Recommended best practice for geotechnical site characterisation of cohesive offshore sediments
D.J. DeGroot, T. Lunne & T.I. Tjelta

Gulf of Guinea deepwater sediments: Geotechnical properties, design issues and installation experiences
J.-L. Colliat, H. Dendani, A. Puech & J.-F. Nauroy

Geotechnics for subsea pipelines
D.J. White & D.N. Cathie

Axial and lateral pile design in carbonate soils
C.T. Erbrich, M.P. O’Neill, P. Clancy & M.F. Randolph

New frontiers for centrifuge modelling in offshore geotechnics
C. Gaudin, E.C. Clukey, J. Garnier & R. Phillips

Risk and reliability on the frontier of offshore geotechnics
R.B. Gilbert, J.D. Murff & E.C. Clukey

2   Geohazards and gas hydrates

Neotectonic deformation of northwestern Australia: Implications for oil and gas development
J.V. Hengesh, K. Wyrwoll & B.B. Whitney

Deepwater Angola part I: Geohazard mitigation
A.J. Hill, J.G. Southgate, P.R. Fish & S. Thomas

Deepwater Angola part II: Geotechnical challenges
A.J. Hill, T.G. Evans, B. Mackenzie & G. Thompson

Shallow gas hazard linked to worldwide delta environments
S. Kortekaas, E. Sens & B. Sarata

Analysis of submarine flow slides in fine silty sand
P.V. Lade & J.A.Yamamuro

Hydrate dissociation around oil exploration infrastructure
A.K. Sultaniya, J.A. Priest & C.R.I. Clayton

An investigation of past mass movement events in the West Nile Delta
S. Thomas, L. Bell, K. Ticehurst & P.S. Dimmock

Deformation of seabed due to exploitation of methane hydrate reservoir 
J. Yoneda, M. Hyodo, Y. Nakata, N. Yoshimoto & R. Orense
3   In situ site characterisation and pore pressure measurement

A site investigation strategy to obtain fast-track shear strength design parameters in deep water soils
D. Borel, A. Puech & S. Po

Enhancement of the ball penetrometer test with pore pressure measurements
N. Boylan, M.F. Randolph & H.E. Low

Laboratory free falling penetrometer test into clay
S.H. Chow & D.W. Airey

Offshore sediment overpressures: Overview of mechanisms, measurement and modeling
B. Dugan, T.C. Sheahan, J.M. Thibault & T.G. Evans

Angolan deepwater soil conditions: GIS technology development for sediment characterization
P. Enjaume, M. Hamon, K. Epalanga & B. Mackenzie

Strength measurement in very soft upper seabed sediments
P. Kelleher, H.E. Low, C. Jones, T. Lunne, S. Strandvik & T.I. Tjelta

CPT in polar snow – preliminary observations
A.B. McCallum, A. Barwise & R. Santos

Parametric study of a free-falling penetrometer in clay-like soils
M. Nazem & J.P. Carter

The future of deepwater site investigation: Seabed drilling technology?
J.J. Osborne, A.G. Yetginer, T. Halliday & T.I. Tjelta

Mini T-bar testing at shallow penetration
A. Puech, M. Orozco-Calderón & P. Foray

Piezometer installation in deepwater Norwegian Sea
T.I. Tjelta & J. Strout

Luva deepwater site investigation programme and findings
T.I. Tjelta & A.G. Yetginer

Investigations into novel shallow penetrometers for fine-grained soils
Y. Yan, D.J. White & M.F. Randolph

Seabed drilling vs surface drilling – a comparison
A.G. Yetginer & T.I. Tjelta

4   Soil characterisation and modelling

Rheological behaviour of soft clays 
P.E.L. de Santa Maria, I.S.M. Martins & F.C.M. de Santa Maria

A three-dimensional finite element study of the direct simple shear test
J.P. Doherty & M. Fahey

Repeated loading and unloading of the seabed 
H.J.E. Hu, K.K. Tho, C.T. Gan, A.C. Palmer & C.F. Leung

A new interpretation of the simple shear test
H.A. Joer, C.T. Erbrich & S.S. Sharma

Physical modelling of the crushing behaviour of granular materials
H.A. Joer & S.S. Sharma

New evidence for the origin and behaviour of deep ocean ‘crusts’
M.Y-H. Kuo, M.D. Bolton, A.J. Hill & M.J. Rattley

Soil unit weight estimated from CPTu in offshore soils
P.W. Mayne, J. Peuchen & D. Bouwmeester
Strain rate dependent simple shear behaviour of deepwater sediments in offshore Angola
M.J. Rattley, A.J. Hill, S. Thomas & B. Sampurno

Simplified calibration procedure for a high-cycle accumulation model based on cyclic triaxial tests on 22 sands 
T. Wichtmann, A. Niemunis & Th. Triantafyllidis

Understanding cyclic loading behavior of soil for offshore applications 
J. Yang

5   Shallow foundations

Observations of shallow skirted foundations under transient and sustained uplift
H.E. Acosta-Martinez, S. Gourvenec & M.F. Randolph

Numerical study of grillage foundations on sand under combined VHM loading
M. Banimahd, A. Maconochie & J. Oliphant

The vertical bearing capacity of grillage foundations in sand
M.F. Bransby, P. Hudacsek, J.A. Knappett, M.J. Brown, N. Morgan, D.N. Cathie, R. Egborge, A. Maconochie, G.J. Yun, N. Brown & A. Ripley

Behaviour of skirted footings on sand overlying clay
C.T. Gan, K.L. Teh, C.F. Leung, Y.K. Chow & S. Swee

Numerical study of piping limits for suction installation of offshore skirted foundations and anchors in layered sand
L.B. Ibsen & C.L. Thilsted

Shallow foundation performance in a calcareous sand
B.M. Lehane

A numerical study of the vertical bearing capacity of skirted foundations
D.S.K. Mana, S. Gourvenec & M.F. Randolph

The effect of torsion on the sliding resistance of rectangular foundations
J.D. Murff, C.P. Aubeny & M. Yang

Foundation design challenges of the MCR-A skirted gravity platform
L. Tapper, C. Humpheson & B.M. Lehane

Constructing breakwater with prefabricated caissons on soft clay
S. Yan, X. Feng & J. Chu

6   Piled foundations

Simplified analysis of laterally loaded pile groups
F.M. Abdrabbo & K.E. Gaaver

Behavior of piles under combined lateral and axial loading
M. Achmus & K. Thieken

Investigations on the behavior of large diameter piles under cyclic lateral loading
M. Achmus, J. Albiker & K. Abdel-Rahman

BP Clair phase 1 – Pile driveability and capacity in extremely hard till 
T.R. Aldridge, T.M. Carrington, R.J. Jardine, R. Little, T.G. Evans & I. Finnie

Photoelastic investigation into plugging of open ended piles 
J. Dijkstra, E.A. Alderlieste & W. Broere

Soil-pile interaction during extrusion of an initially deformed pile 
C.T. Erbrich, E. Barbosa-Cruz & R. Barbour

BP Clair phase 1 – Geotechnical assurance of driven piled foundations in extremely hard till
T.G. Evans, I. Finnie, R. Little, R.J. Jardine & T.R. Aldridge

Pile driving experiences in Persian Gulf calcareous sands
K. Fakharian & I.H. Attar

FLAC3D analysis on soil moving through piles
E.H. Ghee & W.D. Guo

Cyclic loading of barrettes in soft calcareous rock using Osterberg cells
C.M. Haberfield, D.R. Paul, M.C. Ervin & G.A. Chapman

Shaft capacity of drilled and grouted piles in calcareous sandstone
B.M. Lehane

Numerical analysis of mudmat contribution to capacity of piled offshore platforms 
L.S.D. Lorenti, M.A. Ismail & B.M. Lehane

Simplified numerical model for analysis of offshore piles under cyclic lateral loading 
M.M. Memarpour, M. Kimiaei & M. Shayanfar

Centrifuge modelling of rapid load tests with piles in silt and sand 
C.T. Nguyen, H. van Lottum, P. Hölscher & A.F. van Tol

Field measurements on monopile Dolphins 
A. Sadeghi-Hokmabadi & A. Fakher

Behaviour of driven tubular steel piles in calcarenite for a marine jetty in Fujairah, United Arab Emirates 
J. Thomas, M. van den Berg, F. Chow & N. Maas

CPT-Based design method for axial capacity of offshore piles in clays
B.F.J. Van Dijk & H.J. Kolk

7   Foundations for renewable energy

Evaluation of pile capacity approaches with respect to piles for wind energy foundations in the North Sea
M. Achmus & M. Müller

Installation of suction caissons for offshore renewable energy structures 
O.J. Cotter, B.W. Byrne & G.T. Houlsby

Lateral behaviour of large diameter monopiles at Sheringham Shoal Wind Farm 
L. Hamre, S. Feizi Khankandi, P.J. Strøm & C. Athanasiu

Centrifuge modelling of offshore monopile foundation 
R.T. Klinkvort & O. Hededal

Gravity based foundations for the Rødsand 2 offshore wind farm, Denmark 
L. Krogh, J.H. Lyngs & J.S. Steenfelt

Geotechnics for developing offshore renewable energy in the US 
M. Landon Maynard & J.A. Schneider

Engineering issues for fixed offshore wind turbines on Lake Michigan Mid Lake Plateau, USA
P.J. Lang, J.A. Schneider, K. Smith & T. McNeilan

Centrifuge model tests on piled footings in clay for offshore wind turbines
B.M. Lehane, W. Powrie & J.P. Doherty

Design of monopile foundations in sand for offshore windfarms
M. Saue, T.E. Langford & N. Mortensen

Experimental evaluation of backfill in scour holes around offshore monopiles
S.P.H. Sørensen, L.B. Ibsen & P. Frigaard

An investigation of the use of a bearing plate to enhance the lateral capacity of monopile foundations 
K.J.L. Stone, T.A. Newson, M. El Marassi, H. El Naggar, R.N. Taylor & R.J. Goodey
Optimizing site investigations and pile design for wind farms using geostatistical methods: A case study
B. Stuyts, V. Vissers, D.N. Cathie, C. Jaeck & S. Dörfeldt

Towards the FE prediction of permanent deformations of offshore wind power plant foundations using a high-cycle accumulation model
T. Wichtmann, A. Niemunis & Th. Triantafyllidis

Cyclic accumulation effects at foundations for offshore wind turbines
H. Wienbroer, H. Zachert, G. Huber, P. Kudella & Th. Triantafyllidis

Study on soil-structure interaction of suction caisson by large-scale model tests
B. Zhu, D.Q. Kong, L.G. Kong, R.P. Chen & Y.M. Chen

8   Jack-up units

Simplified VH equations for foundation punch-through sand into clay 
J.-C. Ballard, P. Delvosal, P.H. Yonatan, A. Holeyman & S. Kay

Characterisation of undrained shear strength using statistical methods 
B. Bienen, M.J. Cassidy, M.F. Randolph & K.L. Teh

Centrifuge modelling of spudcan deep penetration in multi-layered soils 
M.S. Hossain, M.F. Randolph & Y.N. Saunier

A probabilistic approach to the prediction of spudcan penetration of jack-up units 
G.T. Houlsby

An assessment of jackup spudcan extraction 
O.A. Purwana, H. Krisdani, X.Y. Zheng, M. Quah & K.S. Foo

3D FE analysis of the installation process of spudcan foundations 
G. Qiu, S. Henke & J. Grabe

Undrained bearing capacity of deeply embedded foundations under general loading 
Y. Zhang, B. Bienen, M.J. Cassidy & S. Gourvenec

9   Anchoring systems

Trajectory prediction for drag embedment anchors under out of plane loading
C.P. Aubeny & C.-M. Chi

Setup following keying of plate anchors assessed through centrifuge tests in kaolin clay
A.P. Blake, C.D. O’Loughlin & C. Gaudin

Seismically-induced displacements of a suction caisson in soft clay
A.J. Brennan, S.P.G. Madabhushi & P. Cooper

SEPLA keying prediction method based on full-scale offshore tests
R.P. Brown, P.C. Wong & J.M. Audibert

Set-up of suction piles in deepwater Gulf of Guinea clays
J.-L. Colliat & D. Colliard

Centrifuge testing of suction piles in deepwater Nigeria clay – Effect of stiffeners and set-up time
J.-L. Colliat, H. Dendani, H.P. Jostad, K.H. Andersen, L. Thorel, J. Garnier & G. Rault

Numerical FEM and laboratory study of the bearing capacity factor Nc for plate anchors 
L.N. Equihua-Anguiano, M. Orozco-Calderón, P. Foray & M. Boulon

Caisson capacity in clay: VHM resistance envelope – Part 2: VHM envelope equation and design procedures 
S. Kay & E. Palix

Installation and in-place assessment of drag anchors in carbonate soil
M.P. O’Neill, S.R. Neubecker & C.T. Erbrich
Caisson capacity in clay: VHM resistance envelope – Part 1: 3D FEM numerical study
E. Palix, T. Willems & S. Kay

Numerical investigation of the behaviour of suction caissons in structured clays
S. Panayides, M. Rouainia & A. Osman

Cyclic moment loading of suction caissons in sand 
B. Zhu, B.W. Byrne & G.T. Houlsby

10   Pipelines and risers

Multidirectional analysis of pipeline-soil interaction in clay 
R.G. Borges & J.R.M.S. Oliveira

Geotechnical challenges for deepwater pipeline design – SAFEBUCK JIP 
D.A.S. Bruton, M. Carr & F. Sinclair

Large deformation finite element analysis of vertical penetration of pipelines in seabed
S. Chatterjee, M.F. Randolph, D.J. White & D. Wang

Implementation of geotechnical techniques in the analysis of pipeline response
G. Cumming & N. Brown

Lateral soil resistance to an untrenched pipeline under the action of ocean currents
F.P. Gao, S.M. Yan, E.Y. Zhang, Y.X. Wu & X. Jia

Vertical cyclic testing of model steel catenary riser at large scale
T.E. Langford & V.M. Meyer

Kupe gas project pipeline – optimisation of discrete rock berm design shore approach
B.L. Larsson

Model test studies on soil restraint to pipelines buried in sand
R. Liu, S.W. Yan & J. Chu

Pipe-soil interaction on clay with a variable shear strength profile
D.R. Morrow & M.F. Bransby

Sweeping behaviour of shallowly-embedded pipeline during cyclic lateral movement 
T. Takatani

Advanced nonlinear hysteretic seabed model for dynamic fatigue analysis of steel catenary risers
I.H.Y. Ting, M. Kimiaei & M.F. Randolph

Mobilization distance in uplift resistance modeling of pipelines 
J. Wang, S.K. Haigh, N.I. Thusyanthan & S. Mesmar

Theoretical, numerical and field studies of offshore pipeline sleeper crossings 
Z.J. Westgate, M.F. Randolph, D.J. White & P. Brunning

Observations of pipe-soil response from the first deep water deployment of the SMARTPIPE®  
D.J. White, A.J. Hill, Z.J. Westgate & J.-C. Ballard

11    Trenching, ploughing, excavation and burial

Influence of object geometry on penetration into the seabed
A. Ivanović, R.D. Neilson, G. Giuliani & M.F. Bransby

Investigation into the effect of forecutters on plough performance
K.D. Lauder, M.J. Brown, M.F. Bransby & J. Pyrah

State-of-the-art jet trenching analysis in stiff clays 
J.B. Machin & P.A. Allan

Numerical modelling of soil around offshore pipeline plough shares
W. Peng & M.F. Bransby
Anchor–chain–rockfill–soil interaction: Evolution of design methods
H. van Lottum & H.J. Luger

Development of a jet trenching model in sand 
J.-F. Vanden Berghe, J. Pyrah, S. Goading & H. Capart

12   Design and risk

Structural factors affecting the system capacity of jacket pile foundations 
J.Y. Chen, R.B. Gilbert, J.D. Murff, A.G. Young & F.J. Puskar

The new API Recommended Practice for Geotechnical Engineering: RP 2GEO
P. Jeanjean, P.G. Watson, H.J. Kolk & S. Lacasse

Comparison of ISO 19901-2 and API RP 2A seismic design criteria for a site in the Caspian Sea, Turkmenistan
Z.A. Lubkowski, J.E. Alarcon & Z.A. Razak

Offshore geotechnics – safe and sustainable
J. Peuchen & J. Haas

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Susan Gourvenec is currently an Associate Professor at the Centre for Offshore Foundation Systems (COFS) in the University of Western Australia (UWA) having joined as a Research Fellow in 2001. Susan’s research has spanned tunneling, foundations and retaining walls, using advanced numerical analysis, centrifuge modelling and element testing. Her recent research has led to new design approaches for offshore shallow foundation systems and anchors, tackling the effects of combined loading and uplift. This work has led to awards from the International Society of Soil Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering (ISSMGE), the Australian and New Zealand Geomechanics Society and the International Journal of Geomechanics. Assoc. Professor Gourvenec is a member of the Shallow Foundations task group within the API Geotechnical Resource Group. She has authored more than 70 technical publications and leads the delivery of specialist courses on offshore geomechanics for industry and at Masters level within UWA. Assoc. Professor Gourvenec chaired the inaugural International Symposium on Frontiers in Offshore Geotechnics in 2005, as well as this subsequent event, and in both cases co-edited the proceedings.

David White has been a Professorial Fellow at the Centre for Offshore Foundations since 2007. His principal research areas are pipeline geotechnics and foundation engineering. He was awarded his PhD in 2002 from the University of Cambridge. He held a Lectureship in Cambridge until 2007 when he took up his current position at UWA. Professor White has authored more than 140 technical papers including 6 conference keynotes. His publications have won 5 awards, including the Telford Premium, the Bishop Medal and the BGA Prize (twice), and the Australian Academy of Science awarded him the 2010 Anton Hales Medal for distinguished research. Professor White interacts closely with industry, acting as a consultant through the Perth-based firm, Advanced Geomechanics, and he has served on the editorial boards of three journals and on two ISO standard committees (concerned with jack-up foundations and pipelines). He is Secretary of the ISSMGE's Technical Committee 104 (Geotechnical Physical Modelling).