Frontiers in the Design of Materials  book cover
1st Edition

Frontiers in the Design of Materials

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ISBN 9781420047301
Published January 29, 2007 by CRC Press
456 Pages

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Book Description

The demands on materials to perform under complex service conditions has necessitated rapid advances in the design and development of materials and associated technologies. Development of new concepts starting at the electronic structure of materials and their modeling require application of advanced computer tools and software. There has been significant progress, not only in the development of advanced materials, but also in understanding their constitution and behavior with the help of modeling. This book presents a comprehensive view of the latest developments and experimental work on both these fronts and attempts to give direction to future work.

The information contained in this book deals with topics such as materials challenges in the nuclear power sector, materials science approaches in biology and medicine, Fe-and Co-based bulky glass alloys for magnetic applications, smart composites, multilayer semiconductor devices, atomic structure and interfaces, design of light alloys, superalloys, novel materials with optimized design at atomic scale, design tools for nano-and micro scale metallic materials,  component design and industrial ecology, microstructural development of advanced ferritic steels, diamond/carbide nanocomposite gradient films, magnetic nanofluids, stability issues in nanostructured materials, the design of materials for enhanced tribological performance, solid oxide fuel cells, metal foams and high performance steels through nano-structures.

Table of Contents

Materials Design and Technology Foresight; R Chidambaram                                                               
Atomic Size Factor Criterion in Designing Bulk Metallic Glasses; D B Miracle, E A Lord and S Ranganathan        
Ab Initio Design of Novel Materials with Optimized Properties at the Atomic Scale; Vijay Kumar  
Design Tools for Structural Metallic Materials; P C Collins, S Kar, T Searles, S Koduri, G B Viswanathan, J Tiley, R Banerjee and H L Fraser               
Novel Alloy Concept, Challenges and Opportunities of High-entropy Alloys; Jien-Wei Yeh, Swe-Kai Chen and Yu-Liang Chen              
A Design-directed Approach to Research Prioritization in the Light Alloys; B C Muddle and C R Hutchinson          
Component Design and Industrial Ecology: A Framework for Design of Materials; Sigurd Stören and Frank Melum               
Order at Solid–Liquid Interfaces; Wayne D Kaplan and Yaron Kauffmann          
Solidification of Deeply Undercooled Alloy Melts; Krishanu Biswas and Kamanio Chattopadhyay
Application of Intergranular Crack Percolation to a 3D Poisson– Voronoi Polyhedral Grain Structure; T Karthikeyan, S Saroja, M Vijayalakshmi and K P N Murthy      
High Performance Steels through Nanostructures; N V Bangaru and J Y Koo                                   
Microstructural Investigations and Characterization of 9%–12% Steels; Karl Maile and Ebehard Roos  
Requirements for Reliable and Safe Operation of Power Plant Components— based on Computation and Material Behavior; Ebehard Roos       
Development of New Ferritic Steels for Application as Interconnector Material in Solid Oxide Fuel Cells; L Singheiser, J Pir´on-Abell´an, P Huczkowski, S Ertl, V Shemet
and W J Quadakkers                                                                                                                                         
Development of Aerospace Aluminum Alloys and Processes by Design: Potential and Challenges; Krishnan K Sankaran and Krishna Rajan   
Nickel-base Superalloys— an Engineering and Scientific Challenge; Jean-Loup Strudel The Role of Boron in the Design of Superalloys; Mahesh C Chaturvedi               
Characterization of GaAs-based Multilayer Semiconductor Device Structures; D V Sridhara Rao, K Muraleedharan, S Bysakh, R Balamuralikrishnan, T K Nandy, R Muralidharan, T Srinivasan, P Mishra, P Sen, V D Vankar and D Banerjee                                                                     
Elastic Constants of Al–Sc Intermetallic Compounds by First-principle Calculations; C Ravi , C Valsakumar, S Mathi Jaya and R Asokamani
Toughness and Crack Sensing of MgO-based Smart Composites with Piezoelectric Phase; Yoshiharu Mutoh, Sirirat Rattanachan and Yukio Miyashita             
Microstructural Design for Superplasticity in Ceramics; Santonu Ghosh and Atul H Chokshi      
Metal Foams—from Fundamental Research to Applications; John Banhart                                         
Carbon-based Nanomaterials—Controllable Growth and Characterization; X Jiang, Y Qin and G Y Zhang  
Nanocrystalline materials by Mechanical Alloying and Rapid Solidification Processing; B S Murty  
An Overview of Recent Research on Magnetic Nanofluids; John Philip and Baldev Raj Enhancement of Plasticity in Bulk Metallic Glasses; E S Park and D H Kim          
The Design of Materials and Coatings for Enhanced Tribological Performance; G Sundaraarjan  
Analysis and Evaluation of Interface Strength in Coating Materials; Jin-Quan Xu, Qin Yu and Yoshiharu Mutoh      
Author Index                                                                                                                                                       
Subject Index

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