Frontiers of Civil Engineering and Disaster Prevention and Control Volume 1 : Proceedings of the 3rd International Conference on Civil, Architecture and Disaster Prevention and Control (CADPC 2022), Wuhan, China, 25-27 March 2022 book cover
1st Edition

Frontiers of Civil Engineering and Disaster Prevention and Control Volume 1
Proceedings of the 3rd International Conference on Civil, Architecture and Disaster Prevention and Control (CADPC 2022), Wuhan, China, 25-27 March 2022

Edited By

Yang Yang


Ali Rahman

ISBN 9781032312002
Published January 16, 2023 by CRC Press
698 Pages

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Book Description

Frontiers of Civil Engineering and Disaster Prevention and Control is a compilation of selected papers from The 3rd International Conference on Civil, Architecture and Disaster Prevention and Control (CADPC 2022) and focuses on the research of architecture and disaster prevention in civil engineering. The proceedings features the most cutting-edge research directions and achievements related to construction technology and prevention and control of disaster. Subjects in this proceedings include:

Construction Technology

Seismicity in Civil Engineering

High-Rise Building Construction

Disaster Preparedness and Risk Reduction

Smart Post-Disaster Rescue

These proceedings will promote development of civil engineering and risk reduction, resource sharing, flexibility and high efficiency. Moreover, promote scientific information interchange between scholars from the top universities, research centers and high-tech enterprises working all around the world.

Table of Contents

Civil construction technology and structural seismic reinforcement

A layered finite element method for transient heat conduction of functionally graded concrete beams

Qiang Liu, Huihua Zhang, Shangyu Han & Xiaolei Ji

Research on the application of BIM technology in the design of prefabricated buildings and green construction

Xiaoqiang Tang

Research on ventilation ecological building design under regional influence

Zhang Yin & Zhou Qi

Interaction between double-track tunnels when slurry shield passes through water-rich sand layer

Yilei Zhang & Jianxun Ma

Seismic reliability analysis of pipeline in underground powerhouse of Baihetan hydropower station

Jie Fang, Shengbing Li, Baoshan Zhu, Zhigang Zuo, Shuhong Liu & Chunjian Cao

Study on the distribution law of sidewall earth pressure during the sinking stage of a super large open caisson

Zhewen Chen, Tiechui Yang, Gaojie Lan & Mingwei Guo

Experimental research on local outburst prevention effect of coal road driving

Zhonghua Wang

Research on design and experimental application of flexible pavement base

Jianping Su

Study on energy system distribution of high-temperature damaged rock under uniaxial loading

Shuang Yang, Lan Qiao, Ming Zhou & Qingwen Li

Analysis of shear bearing capacity of assembled monolithic concrete frame joints strengthened with CFRP

Yan Cao & Zhao Yang

Structural design and analysis of recycled aggregate concrete high-rise building

Jia-Sen Lu

Seismic reinforcement effect of civil structure buildings

Yilei Du

Scientific discussion on the construction process of rammed earth walls of Hakka dwellings

L.H. Zhang, Z.M. Xiao, M. Ouyang, Y. Yu, C.Y. Zhu & Y.X. Zhao

Study progress and prospect of bridge erecting machine monitoring technology

Jia Chi, Li Wei & Liu Wei

Research on the influence of the temperature difference inside and outside the structure of the open-cut tunnel with Cofferdam at sea

Guangcai Yang, Wenchang Li, Wen Liu & Xiangchuan Yao

Practice of research ideas and framework for improving energy consumption performance of building envelope system in existing residential areas in North China based on BIM technology

Ye Wen & Guangmei Zhang

Experimental research on the connection node of square steel tube column and T-shaped piece

Zhang Jianke, Wang Xinwu, Fan Lidan, Liu Huanhuan & Zhao Junyang

Deformation behaviour of embankment on soft soils heightened with light soil replacement

Taiping Mu, Tianyi Chen &Yangguang Sun

Finite element analysis of concrete circular pole substation structures under coupling action of carbonization-corrosion-load

Liu Yong, Wei Zhenzhong, Sui Bin, Wan Jia & Jiao Jinfeng

Strain energy response of asphalt pavement under high temperature and wheel load

Y.F. Lin & J.Q. Gao

Design of steel structure roof of outpatient hall of a hospital in Huangpi

Wen Biao Wu, Li Ming Yuan, Wen Jun Jing & Song Gao

Energy-based optimal design of viscous dampers

Q.X. Shi & G.Q. Lai

Tunnel stability analysis considering the influence of bias voltage

Tianxue Xu, Qi Jin, Xiaojun Peng, Huxiang Hou & Liang Zhang

The structural design of a hospital in Hainan Province

Wen Jun Jing, Song Gao, Yong Mei You & He Ping Cao

Research on the construction system of steel structure and timber structure modular buildings

Zhenlei Guo, Feihua Yang, Zhijie Gao & Zhongjian Duan

Comparative study on design response spectra in seismic design specifications of China

Songshan Niu & Haoyu Xie

Research on monitoring technology of mud-water shield crossing theWeihe river based on semi-flexible inclined settlement benchmarks

Wenhao Liu, Xiaohong Du, Reng Shan Li, Dong Luo, Cuigang Kong, Jiangxun Ma, Gang Yang, Tian Lu, Jianhui Guo & Siyal Insaf Imdad

Finite element analysis of U-shaped concrete column under vertical load

J.Y. Li, J.P. Guo, X.Y. Wang & G.C. Hu

Study on influence of compaction degree on subgrade deformation

Pingsheng Dong∗, Xiang Wang & Hu Wang

Influence of ground settlement on stress and deformation of CRTS slab ballastless track

Liu-Hua, Li-Bin, Han-Tilei, Fan-Xianghui & Zhang-Yongfu

Research and application of non-removal expanded metal mesh technology

Guo Cheng, Jun Xie, Zhengtai Bao, Zheng Liu & Peng Liu

Underground foundation structure design of Kunshan Xintiandi project

Xiaomeng Zhang, Wenting Liu, Yao Feng & Xiao Yang

Mechanical behavior analysis of swinging column structure

Xiaomeng Zhang, Wenting Liu, Qingying Ren, Xiao Yang & Ying Wang

Application study on multi-stage drilling technology in super large diameter pile foundation construction

Tao Ye, Hongchun Qu, Bindian Zhu, Yongxin Zhong & Yucai Li

Seismic performance analysis of a super high-rise office building

Xiaomeng Zhang, Wenting Liu, Xiao Yang, Ziao Liu & Yao Feng

Analysis of bearing characteristics of soft soil foundation strengthened by bamboo net covered with sand

Shouxin Han, Jihui Ding, Shengkang Yan, Zenghui Yu & Hanchen Wang

Design of large-scale studio in Hengdian film and television industrial architecture

Haibo Ren

Hierarchical multi-step accumulative jacking construction technology of large-span special-shaped roof grid

Yantao Zhang, Fajiang Luo, Zhen Wang, Zhixiong Guo & Shengxi Wang

Application of dynamic monitoring system in the reinforcement of Ganquan tunnel in Gansu province

Jie Wang, Xipeng Wang, Xin Zhang & Fang An

Design and construction of adjustable fabricated sling for steel box girders of large offshore interchange

Linting Li, Haiqing Cao, Penglin Xie, Yinyong Zeng & Lei Zhao

Bearing capacity analysis of uplift piles during deep excavation and a simple test method

Yibin Wu, Hongbin Ge, Guangqing Liu & Haiwang Liu

Deformation mechanism and stability analysis of a high slope during excavation and unloading

Sheng Xiao, Jie Yang, Xiaoyan Xu, Pengli Zhang & Dewei Liu

Research on modular hoisting construction technology of fabricated steel structure residence 326

Liying Wang, Yingying Guo & Limei Lei

Seismic behavior of CFST column with FRP-confined UHPC core-to-steel beam joints with external diaphragm

Zhiheng Chen & Yi Tao

Building material properties and highway bridge construction

A brief review of self-healing concrete: typical mechanisms and approaches

Z.Q. Gu, X.L. Ji & H.H. Zhang

Study on the foam process of different types of warm-mix asphalt

Rong Chang, ZeWen Tan, ZhouShuai Wei, XinYe Cao & DeNing Cai

Laboratory evaluation of pavement performance for permeable asphalt concrete using in seasonal frozen region of China

Yu Baoyang, Sun Zongguang & Qi Lin

Experimental study on the influence of interface on concrete properties

Bin Yang

Research and application of integrated water pollution prevention and control technology in expressway construction

Qun-long Mao, Chen Lu, Dong Zhang & Meng-lin Yang

Axial compressive behavior of grout-filled double-skin tubular (GFDST) columns with stainless-steel outer tubes: Experimental investigation

Guiwu Li, Yue Wang, Huanze Zheng & Ruilin Ding

Research on distribution characteristics of extraction radius in different areas of the overlying coal seam of floor roadway

Luanluan Sun & Zhonghua Wang

Research on failure characteristics of overlying rock strata in floor roadway

Zhonghua Wang

Effect of siliceous parent rock mechanism sand fineness modulus and sand ratio on concrete performance

Xiandong Cai & Xingang Wang

Study on the dynamic response of separated steel-concrete continuous curved composite box-section girder Under the action of vehicles

Jianqing Bu, Zhiqiang Pang, Lingpei Meng & Jingchuan Xun

The effect of corner radius on the local buckling of cold-formed steel tubes

Zhi Xiao Wu, Gong Wen Li, Wen Jun Jing & Han Ji

Experimental study on the mechanical properties of lead rubber bearings in acid rain environment

JiYu Xia

Experimental study on seismic performance of new assembled joints of RC frame with bolted connection

Yan Cao & Zhao Yang

Research on seismic displacement response of simply-supported girder bridges with different bearing types

W.T. Yin, K.H. Wang, B.Z. Zhang & W.Z. Guo

Yield stress of Chengdu clay slurry

XianJun Ji & Ying Liang

Flood control water level design for the tunnel project under the estuarine area of Karnaphuli river, Chittagong, Bangladesh

Chen Xi, Dai Minglong, Li Yanqing, Xu Gaohong & Wang Qingjing

Determination and optimization of cycle advance for the Kyrgyzstan North-South ridge crossing tunnel

J. Li, Z.Z. Xia & Z.P. Zhou

Research on microscopic properties of alkali-activated cementing materials mixed with iron ore tailings powder and ground granulated blast furnace slag at different curing ages

Song Xia, Ming Zhou, Aimin Qin & Chuanming Chen

Performance of permeable concrete based on the blocking principle

Yanqin Dai, Xin Chen, Feng Pan, Jing Yuan & Dan Wu

Design wind and wave study on proposed tunnel project in the Chittagong Port, Bangladesh

Chen Xi, Dai Minglong, Zhang Dongdong, Xu Gaohong & Xiong Feng

In-tunnel disassembly technology of composite earth pressure balanced shield machine

Guanjun You, Chunming Pi, Yangyang Chen, Wen Liu & Zhipeng Zhou

Experimental study on flexural behavior of TRHDC-ALC composite panels

Mingke Deng & Xian Hu

Scour characteristics of middle approach bridge foundations in Hangzhou Bay sea-crossing bridge

Jinquan Wang, Zhiyong Zhang, Zuisen Li, Yuanping Yang & Xiaoliang Xia

Finite element analysis of seismic performance of U-shaped reinforced concrete special-shaped columns

J.Y. Li, X.Y. Wang, W.B. Lu, L. Chen, Z.W. Wang, J.P. Guo & G.C. Hu

Current application status of red mud in construction and structural materials

Jiahang Tian

Study on preparation and key performance of C35 machine-made sand pavement concrete in Foshan first ring road

Bing Qiu, Shuangxi Yu, Zhuojie Yu, Zhongyun Chen, Xi Chen, Putao Song & Jing Wang

Preparation of integral waterproof concrete with addition of alkyl alkoxy silane emulsion

Li Li

Preparation of low shrinkage geopolymer concrete and its application in seawall engineering

Kexin Zhao

Study of cement mortar uniformity testing methods

Yue Chen, Jinming Wang, Caiying Sun, Lei Liu & Mengxi Zhang

Research on mechanical properties of arch-pylon cable-stayed bridge

Wen-gang Ma, Shi-xiang Hu, Ling Cong &Yu-qin Zhu

Research on test method and influencing factors of adhesion between asphalt and aggregate

Yongzhen Li, Shengjie Zhou, Ning Zhao & Qingtao Zhang

Research on mechanical properties of recycled broken ceramic tile concrete

Chen Shan, Liang Xiaoguang & Huang He

Experimental study on mechanical properties of steel fiber reinforced concrete

Jiuyang Li, Zhenwei Wang, Li Chen, Jinpeng Guo & Guangchao Hu

Influence of type of machine-made sand and content of stone powder on creep property of C60 concrete

Min Zhou, Tengyu Yang, Lixian Guo, Bing Qiu, Putao Song, Liangbo Wang & Jing Wang

Influence of two-stage heat treatment on the morphology of mesophase pitch

Jun Li & Dong Liu

Preparation of isotropic pitch with high spinnability through the co-carbonization of aromatic-rich distillate oil and polyvinyl alcohol

Luning Chai & Dong Liu

Simplified calculation of lateral seismic resistance of shield tunnel in soil-rock combination stratum

Jinhua Shang, Yanan Dong, Kejin Li & Guangbiao Shao

Influence of coal gangue coarse aggregate on the basic mechanical behavior of concrete

Hanqing Liu & Guoliang Bai

Design and application of formwork platform for the north side tower of Wujiagang Yangtze River bridge

Kaiqiang Wang, Deng Yang, Xiaosheng Liu, Leilei Zhu & Yong Zhou

Research on monitoring scheme for closure construction of rail-cum-road steel truss girder cable-stayed bridge

Songbao Cai, Junlong Zhou, Wenbin Geng & Weiliang Qiang

Construction monitoring technology and application of interzone tunnel construction in urban metro

Jingyi Zhang

Key technologies for the design and rapid construction of steel cofferdams at Guojiatuo Yangtze River bridge

Wenbin Geng, Xiaomin Liu, Dianyong Wang, Renliang Li & Chuandong Liu

Experimental study on torsional behavior of concrete-filled steel tubes

Jucan Dong, Zhenwei Lin, Yiyan Chen, Qingxiong Wu, Chao Zhang, Xinmin Nie & Zhaojie Tong

Design and analysis of variable angle and inclined tower crane

Kun Zhang, Hui Wang, Kaiqiang Wang, Baiben Chen, Yong Zhou, Dongdong Mu & Xiaolin Fang

Research on detection of architectural ceramic ornamentation based on template fractal

Xiaoping Zhou, Yanmin Liu, Xiaobo Lian, Huiting Guo & Sangyoung Lee

Study on narrowing effect of high concrete face rockfill dam in narrow valley

Lu Xi, Wang Wei & Wang Jiayuan

Study on supporting effect of steel tube and HAT composite steel sheet pile

Bing Du, Shou-Chen Jing, Hao-Yu Fang, Jian Zhang & Tu-Gen Feng

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Yang Yang was born in Dazhu, Sichuan Province. He is a postdoctoral research fellow, professor, and doctoral supervisor at the Department of Civil Engineering, Tsinghua University, where he worked together with Academician Jianguo Nie (co-supervisor). He has chaired three projects for the National Natural Science Foundation of China; one project for the National Key R & D Program; two projects for Chongqing Science and Technology Bureau; one project for Chongqing Transportation Bureau; one project for the Science and Technology Committee of Fuling District, Chongqing; and three projects for the Fundamental Research Funds for the Central Universities. His previous honors include one first prize (ranked 1st) and two second prizes (ranked 1st) of first-class industry societies/associations registered by the State Science and Technology Awards Office; and the second prize of the Science and Technology Progress Award of Qinghai Province (ranked 1st). He has published more than 40 papers in SCI- and EI-indexed journals, including Mechanical Systems and Signal Processing, Engineering Structures, IEEE Transactions on Intelligent Transportation Systems, Structural Control and Health Monitoring, Journal of Sound and Vibration, Remote Sensing, China Journal of Highway and Transport, Journal of Building Structures, Chinese Journal of Scientific Instrument, and Engineering Mechanics. Currently, he is holding 9 software copyrights. He has applied for 21 invention patents, 9 of which have been granted. In addition, he also serves as a guest editor for several special issues, such as Remote Sensing in Structural Health Monitoring (IF: 5.349), Symmetry in Safety and Disaster Prevention Engineering (IF: 2.940), and Symmetry in Structural Health Monitoring (IF: 2.940).

Ali Rahman is currently an assisstant professor at Southwest Jiaotong University (SWJTU). His research interests include a wide range of topics within the pavement engineering such as design & analysis of pavement structure, road materials, modified asphalt & asphalt mixture, and mechanics of pavement. Currently, his main focus is on the interface bonding behavior between asphalt pavement layers. Before joining the Ph.D. program, he was a lecturer at Jundi-Shapur Universsity of Technology in Iran for 3.5 years.