1st Edition

Frontiers of Family Law

By Gareth Miller Copyright 2003

    This title was first published in 2003. The essays in this collection are written by academics and practitioners who look at some of the key aspects of family law. Papers include one from Lord Justice Ward, who gave the first judgement in the Court of Appeal on the case of the conjoined twins from Malta, another from Judge Pearl who has been responsible for training the judiciary on the impact of the Human Rights Act on family law, while Dr C. Ball contributes a paper on aspects of the 1989 Children Act. Parent and child contact across borders is dealt with in a paper by William Duncan, who is Deputy Director General of the Hague Conference. Other topics include medical evidence in child cases, pre-nuptial agreements and the re-establishing of contact after divorce.

    Introduction; 1: The Changed Nature of Adoption: A Challenge for the Legislators; 2: Contact after Divorce: What has the Law to Offer?; 3: Cross-frontier Contact between Children and their Parents: Identifying the Problems; 4: Recent Developments and Problems in Scottish Children's Law; 5: ‘Please, Sir, I want some more’: New Developments in the South African Saga of Child Maintenance and Children's Rights; 6: The Care Standards Tribunal of England and Wales: A Contribution to Human Rights; 7: When Cultures Clash: Aborigines and Inheritance in Australia; 8: Pre-nuptial Agreements and Financial Provision


    Gareth Miller