Frontiers of Tribology  book cover
1st Edition

Frontiers of Tribology

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ISBN 9780750301909
Published January 1, 1992 by CRC Press
350 Pages

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Book Description

First published in 1992. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

Table of Contents


Introductory Paper

Tribology and Physics

D Tabor


Adhesion of nanoparticles within spray-dried agglomerates

K Kendall and T P Weihs

Adherence of natural rubber sheets subjected to biacial tensile strain

E Felder and M Barquins

Effect of compounding on the adhesion of rubber to medium carbon steel

L A Reeves and D E Packham

The effect of surface topography on the adhesion of poly(urethane)-metal contacts

B J Briscoe and S S Panesar


Friction of surgeons’ gloves

A D Roberts and C A Brackley

The friction and wear of diamond sliding on diamond

Z Feng and J E Field

An energy dispersive x-ray and imaging x-ray photoelectron spectrosocopical study of transfer film chemistry and its influence on friction coefficient

A Wirth and R Whitaker

Micromechanical modelling of load-dependent friction in contacts of elastic spheres

U Tuzun and O R Walton

Microdistortion of polymer surfaces by friction

E Hamada and R Kaneko


On the nature of the transfer film at the interface of a water-lubricated sliding polymer-metal couple

K Marcus, A Ball and C Allen

The effect of substrate surface roughness on the friction and wear of sputtered MoS2 films

E W Roberts, B J Williams and J A Ogilvy

Evaluation of very think lubricant films

Y Andoh, S Oguchi, R Kaneko and T Miyamoto

Boundary lubrication of rubber by aqueous surfactant

S C Richards and A D Roberts

Abrasive wear in lubricated contacts

J A Williams and A M Hyncica

Fluid-film lubrication in the internal combustion engine: an invited review

C M Taylor

An elastohydrodynamic analysis of a misaligned sterntube bearing

R W Jakeman

Mathematical analysis of the performance of tilting-pad journal bearing under static load

W B Fu and Z M Jin

The behavior of greases in elastohydrodynamic contacts

P M Cann, B P Williamson, R C Coy and H A Spikes

The squeeze-film lubricaton of ellipsoids

M A A Bedewi, D Dowson and C M Taylor

Developments in fluorinated liquid lubricants and lubricant additives

K Johns, C Corti, L Montagna and P Srinivasan

Effect of extreme-pressure additives on fatigue life of rolling bearings

G T Y Wan, E v Amerongen and H Lankamp

Mechanism of oil and lubricant action under transient conditions of bearing operation

N F Dmitrichenko, R G Mnatsakanov, M V Raiko and V G Grabchak


The generation of wear surfaces

J A Williams and Y Xie

Frictional temperature field and its relationship to the trastition of wear mechanisms of steel 52100

You Wang, Tingquan Lei, Mufu Yan and Caiqiao Gao

Computer simulation of the effect of pre-oxidation in erosion-corrosion enviornments

M M Stack, F H Stott and G C Wood

Updating the fracture theory of wear

Y Kimura

The formation of glass in the wear of reaction-bonded silicon nitride

M G Gee

The influence of temperature on the friction and wear of thin ceramic coatings in carbon dioxide

F H Stott, D R G Micthell and G C Wood

Selection of wear-resistant materials for the petrochemical industry

D Cooper, F A Davis and R J K Wood

The role of water in the wear of ceramics

J K Lancaster, Y A H Mashal and A G Atkins

Ductile-brittle transitions and wear maps for the erosion and abrasion of brittle materials

I M Hutchings

A model for the erosice wear of rubber at oblique impact angles

J C Arnold and I M Hutchings

The application of confocal scanning microcopy to the examination of ceramic wear surfaces

M G Gee and N J McCormick

Surface Topography

Residual stress and surface roughness in fretting fatigue

R B Waterhouse and A J Trowsdale

Metrological characterization of polymeric bearings at the nanometmre level

S T Smith, S Harb and D G Chetwynd

The classification of rough surface contacts in relation to tribiology

C Y Poon and R S Sayles

The effect of crystal oreientation on the indentation cracking and hardness of MgO single crystals

M Y Khan, L M Brown and M M Chaudhri

Mechanical wear models for metallic surfaces in sliding contact

B S Hockenhull, E M kopalinksy and P L B Oxley

Contact mechanics: needs for metallic surfaces in sliding contact

M Godet, Y Berthier, M C Dubourg and L Vincent

Relocatable 3D surface mapping quantifies asperity polishing and limiting oil-film thickness

D R Bury, D R Eastham and J M Conway-Jones

Surface engineering

Surface engineering… an enigma of choices

R S Cowan and W O Winer

Wear resistance and structure of (Ti, Al)N coatings

A V Byeli, A A MInevich, A V Stepanenko, L A Gick and O V Kholodilov

Surface engineering: its current and future impact on tribology

T Bell

Simulation of the tribological behavior of tools for cutting ductile materials

K H Habig and G Meier zu Kocker

A transient elastohydrodynamic lubrication analysis of a cam and follower

D Dowson, C M Taylor and G Zhu

Factors affecting the durability of repeatedly stressed flexible magnetic recording media

J L Sullivan and P J Sharma

The effect of head-cleaning agents on the wear mechanisms of video heads

L A Reeves and J L Sullivan

Closing Paper

Developments in lubrication—the thinning film

D Dowson

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A.D Roberts Malaysian Rubber Producers' Research Assoication, Hertford, UK.