1st Edition

Fukushima and Civil Society The Japanese Anti-Nuclear Movement from a Socio-Political Perspective

By Beata Bochorodycz Copyright 2023
    234 Pages 11 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    234 Pages 11 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    This book analyzes the impact of the Fukushima disaster on civil society in Japan with particular attention to the anti-nuclear movement, focusing on its development, repertoire of action, mobilization strategies, modes of operation, and impact on the state’s energy policy.

    Combining social movement theory and civil society theory, the author draws on extensive fieldwork in Japan to explore the context of the sociopolitical situation in Japan up to the Fukushima accident and to offer a typological description and analysis of the anti-nuclear movement that emerged after the disaster. Through an analysis of the relationship between the power elite and the anti-nuclear movement organizations, this volume considers the influences exercised by the ruling elites on civil society and vice versa, thus assessing the effects of the anti-nuclear movement on the state policy and the society. A comprehensive account of the anti-nuclear movement in post-Fukushima Japan, embedded within a broader perspective of the movement’s historical development, contemporary political structures, and opportunities, Fukushima and Civil Society will appeal to scholars of sociology and politics with an interest in social movements.

    Chapter 4 of this book is freely available as a downloadable Open Access PDF at http://www.taylorfrancis.com under a Creative Commons [Attribution-Non Commercial-No Derivatives (CC-BY-NC-ND)] 4.0 license.


    Chapter 1 Theoretical Framework

    Chapter 2. Political Opportunities

    Chapter 3. Anti-Nuclear Movement Before Fukushima

    Chapter 4. Post-Fukushima Anti-Nuclear Movement

    Chapter 5. Direct Action

    Chapter 6. Research and Education

    Chapter 7. Policy Advocacy

    Chapter 8. Aid

    Chapter 9. Watchdogs

    Chapter 10. Legal Organizations

    Chapter 11. Other Organizations

    Chapter 12. The State-Civil Society Relations



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    Beata Bochorodycz is Associate Professor at the Institute of Oriental Studies, Adam Mickiewicz University, Poland, and the co-author of Japan’s Foreign Policy Making: Central Government Reforms, Decision-Making Processes, and Diplomacy. Her research focuses on Japanese politics, social movements and civil society, diplomacy and foreign policy, and US–Japan relations and the Okinawa issue.