1st Edition

Full Product Transparency Cutting the Fluff Out of Sustainability

By Ramon Arratia Copyright 2012

    This book outlines a path towards a more practical era for "corporate responsibility", where companies make real environmental gains based on hard facts, using lifecycle assessment (LCA) and environmental product declarations (EPDs).By the time you have finished this book you will be able to make the case for moving from corporate to product sustainability and propose a methodology for doing this, based on EPDs.In the past decade, thousands of companies have started the journey towards sustainability, leading to a huge supporting industry of sustainability professionals, lorry-loads of corporate reports, and a plethora of green labels and marketing claims. Ramon Arratia argues that it's now time to transform this new industry by cutting out all the fluff and instead focusing on Full Product Transparency (FPT). In the world of FPT, companies carry out LCAs for all their products and services, identifying their biggest impacts and where they can make the greatest difference. They disclose the full environmental impacts of their products using easily-understood metrics, allowing customers to make meaningful comparisons in their purchasing decisions and providing governments with a platform to reward products and services with the lowest impacts.This book will help you put your company on a path towards Full Product Transparency. This is a decision that can revolutionize and align consumer behaviour, supply chains, policy-making and reporting. It is no less than the path to the future of all business.

    Outlines how to implement FTP in your organizationWill revolutionize business relations with consumers, investors, policy-makers and societyA concise, salient guide that can be read in 90 minutes


    Arratia, Ramon