Function Spaces : The Fifth Conference book cover
1st Edition

Function Spaces
The Fifth Conference

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ISBN 9780824704193
Published July 18, 2000 by CRC Press
534 Pages

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Book Description

This volume compiles research results from the fifth Function Spaces International Conference, held in Poznan, Poland. It presents key advances, modern applications and analyses of function spaces and contains two special sections recognizing the contributions and influence of Wladyslaw Orlicz and Genadil Lozanowskii.

Table of Contents

Survey papers: G.Ya Lozanovsky - his contributions to the theory of branch lattices; Wladyslaw Orlicz - his life and contributions to mathematics; recent developments of some ideas and results of Orlicz on unconditional convergence. research papers: new advances regarding the inverses of disjointness preserving operators, I; non-linear integral operators in modular Lipschitz classes - rates of modular approximation; remarks on some fixed point theorems for hyperconvex metric spaces and absolute retracts; real interpolation for families of Banach spaces and the compactness property; weighted hardy inequalities of the weak type; Banach spaces with weakly normal structure; orthogonal projections onto Spline spaces with arbitrary knots; on the Carcia-Falset coefficient in some Banach sequences spaces; on some geometric properties in Musielak-Orlicz sequence spaces; extreme points and norm attainable functional in dual of AL spaces; on pairs of closed bounded convex sets that lie in complementary subspaces; rearrangement-invariant hulls and kernels of the amalgam spaces on R; a note on p-convexity of Orlicz and Musielak-Orlicz spaces of Bochner type; some geometric coefficients in Orlicz spaces with application in fixed point theory; norms in weighted L2-spaces and hardy operators; on a certain maximum principle for positively invertible matrices and operators in an ordered normed space; indices and regularisation of measurable functions; on multidistributions and X-distributions; Baire property and related concepts for spaces C(X,E); construction of weights in modular inequalities involving operators of hardy type; boundedness and compactness criteria for some classical integral transforms. (Part contents).

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". . .a valuable addition to the existing literature on function spaces. . .an indispensable tool for researchers in functional analysis and its applications."