1st Edition

Function Spaces

By Krzysztof Jarov Copyright 1991
    448 Pages
    by CRC Press

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    This book is based on the conference on Function Spaces held at Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville, in April, 1990. It is designed to cover a wide range of topics, including spaces of analytic functions, isometries of function spaces, geometry of Banach spaces, and Banach algebras.

    1. A Note Concerning Cyclic Vectors in Hardy and Bergman Spaces 2. Integral Formulas for the Invariant Inner Products in Spaces of Analytic Functions on the Unit Ball 3. On the Extended Spectral Radius in Some Classes of Locally Convex Algebras 4. Almost Everywhere Convergence for Transferred Convolution Operators 5. Generalizing Grothendieck’s Program 6. Operating Functions and Ultraseparating Function Spaces 7. Some Extremum Problems for Spaces of Weakly Continuous Functions 8. C*-Algebras with the Dunford-Pettis Property 9. Real Linear Isometries of Complex Function Spaces 10. Contractive Projections onto Subsets of L°-Spaces 11. The Largest Coefficient in Products of Polynomials 12. New Results on Regular and Irregular Sampling Based on Wiener Amalgams 13. Wiener Amalgams over Euclidean Spaces and Some of Their Applications 14. Isometries of Musielak-Orlicz Spaces 15. Algebras of Bounded Functions on the Disc 16. On the Local Behavior of a Banach Space of Continuous Functions and Its Application to the Problem on the Range Transformations 17. Inequalities of von Neumann Type for Small Matrices 18. On the Asymptotic-Norming Property of Banach Spaces 19. Characterizations of C(X,7) Among Its Subalgebras 20. Small Perturbations of Algebras of Analytic Functions on Polydiscs 21. Isometries and Small Bound Isomorphisms of Function Spaces 22. On the Theorems of Pick and von Neumann 23. Some Geometric Properties Related to Uniform Convexity of Banach Spaces 24. Toeplitz Operators on Weighted Hardy Spaces 25. Weighted Bergman Spaces 26. Banach Algebras, Decomposable Convolution Operators, and a Spectral Mapping Property 27. Middle Hankel Operators on Bergman Space 28. The Bishop-Phelps Theorem in Complex Spaces: An Open Problem 29. On Hyperconvex Hulls of Some Normed Spaces 30. Eigenvalue Estimates for Calderon-Toeplitz Operators 31. Stable Rank in Banach Algebras 32. On Stability Problems of Some Properties in Banach Spaces 33. Aspects of Ultraseparability in Banach Function Spaces 34. Multi-Tuple Boundaries of Shilov Type for Function Spaces 35. Bourgain Algebras


    Jarov Krzysztof